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Do you need a chef?

Editorial Staff

We at College Chefs like to believe we have sky-rocketed to success in our short three-year history largely because of the values we adhere to as a company. We believe that a young person’s collegiate years present one of the most emotionally and mentally trying times of their lives and that those with the ability to help them through this time have the responsibility to do just that. That’s why, in 2010, owner Kevin Gadus founded College Chefs.

Since then, we’ve become a nation-wide company that still holds onto the beliefs we started with:

  1. We always serve fresh, from-scratch, never-processed food.
  2. Our Chefs are not Cooks, they are world-class talents who have been trained in classrooms and kitchens all over the world.
  3. We adore our customers and treat “Above and Beyond” as a company mantra that permeates every facet of our business.

These values have led us to become the premiere Greek Food Service in the nation. #WeFeedTheGreek and we do it very well.

Our food is always fresh, but what exactly does that mean? It means the days of processed, salt-ridden, preservative-ridden dinners are over. Now come the days of fresh Focaccia, fire-roasted salmon wrapped in rice paper, slow-roasted inside round that’s been marinated in pomegranate juice, fennel, and thyme, and served with a port whine demi-glace and accompanied by saffron whipped potatoes. Or it could mean something simpler like a traditional meatloaf or traditional Chicago-style all-beef hot dog, chocolate macadamia nut cookies, or coconut Creme Brulee cooked inside half-coconut shells with a raspberry coulis. All of these and more are prepared from-scratch right in your house’s kitchen by a trained, world-class Chef. And hey, we’ll even clean up afterward.

Our Chefs range from young, eager up-starts who are fresh out of Culinary School and looking for a place to call home to award-winning food industry giants who have rubbed elbows with some of the most famous culinary professionals in the industry. All of these Chefs undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure that we never place someone we haven’t fully investigated into your house. The personality and culture of our company is just as important to us as the food itself. As such, we tend to hire low-egos with jovial, stable personalities.

Our dedication to our Sorority and Fraternity clients doesn’t stop at the gourmet food we serve or the talented Chefs we employ. We prepare meals for a variety of special events for our clients as well – from rush weeks to philanthropies to Mom’s Days and everything in-between. We are here for you no matter what you need.

We do all these things for our customers because we believe that in uncertain and challenging times, young men and women need all the support they can get. This, along with many other factors, has led our company to a 100% customer retention rate – a fact of which we are immensely proud and one of the ways we stand alone in our industry.

Our website ( spotlights our entire staff and features full bios on many of our company’s Chefs, administrative workers, and salespeople. You can also check out real pictures of our food on Pinterest page which you can find on our website. But try not to get too hungry while you browse.

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