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Disney parks hike up the prices over $90

Now daily pass $95 for Disney World and $92 for Disneyland

Dreams might not come true anymore for little kids and fun-loving adults around the world, since one-day prices have been raised at Disney World to $95 for an adult, $89 for a child, and at Disneyland, $92 for an adult, $86 for a child. The prices don’t even include parking, now $16 (up $1), and food.

While this may seem like only a $5 increase, the parks will be gaining more profit than ever from the excited park-goers.

Along with those, the increases in prices for multi-day bundles, annual passes, and the esteemed Disney Premier Passport were also raised significantly.

“A ticket to our theme parks represents a great value, particularly when you look at the breadth and quality of attractions and entertainment we offer and the special moments guests experience with our cast,” said Bryan Malenius, a spokesman for Disneyland, to “The Inquisitr.”

Since there’s nothing the public can do about lowering the prices, Hunter and Jennie Sanford, who blog at “BargainBlessings.com,” gave some great money-saving tips to “Fox Business” for those who are desperate to make the trip to Disneyland and Disney World anyways.

They first suggest getting bundles regarding dining plans, park tickets, and hotel rooms.

“If you do a Disney dining plan, you can save a lot of money. Think about your needs—if you are going for a few days or a week, try to bundle together what you can,” Jennie suggests.

The couple also agrees that over packing is a good idea in order to save money on the little things.

“Anything you forget last minute will be outrageously priced anywhere in theme park or hotel,” Jennie says. “Sunscreen, hats, raingear and emergency medicine should all be purchased and brought with you- don’t be worried about purchasing when you get here.”

Their final piece of advice is to look for the stuff hotels offer for free: be it breakfast, shuttles to the park, and entertainment for afterhours at the hotel.

This price increase may seem like a burden, but the families and kids who step into Disneyland and Disney World could benefit from it. Once their bank account is a little emptier, hopefully they will be more thankful for the opportunity to experience the fun amenities that the parks hold, and not take it for granted.

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