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Diary of an Anonymous Fashion Assistant

Princella Talley

A diary

A must read for all fashion lovers

The awesome site of Fashionista has began an equally awesome column that is sure to please anyone that loves fashion and great stories. It’s titled “Diary Of An Anonymous Fashion Assistant” and here is the introduction to the series as posted on the website:  

“Introducing a new column, Diary of an Anonymous Fashion Assistant, where our contributor, who shall henceforth be known as Blair Mercer, dishes about the daily life of a fashion assistant at a major fashion mag at a major publishing house. She’s hauled sacks of Louboutins through the Sahara, been wrestled by Colonel Gaddafi’s guards at a five star hotel in Paris and was physically scarred by an A-list celeb. She’ll tell you all about it.”

The introduction is only the beginning because the full stories are addicting and summing them up would do them no justice. All that can be said is read them for yourself. Entry One and Two have been posted so far, so it’s still early enough in the game to not fall too far behind. As to whether there’s a bit of embellishment in these tales or not, they are so fun to read, who really cares?

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