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Dennis Hopper leaves $2.85 million to nine year old daughter

Jason Oliva

The late actor’s will cuts out estranged wife

Dennis Hopper is making posthumous news yet again. Even though the actor/director of “Easy Rider” (1969) fame passed away in 2010 after losing his bout with prostate cancer, Hopper has reportedly left $2.85 million dollars to his nine-year old daughter, Galen Grier Hopper.

Along with the nearly three million dollars from daddy Dennis, Galen has also received $600,000 worth of property from the actor’s estate. Included in the inheritance are properties in California, New Mexico and North Carolina. Also included is an extensive art collection which features the works of Frank Gehry, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Julian Schnabel.

At the time of his death in 2010, Hopper was still legally married to Victoria Duffy. The two were in the midst of a divorce after 14 years of marriage. Hopper and Duffy fought constantly, and when the ailing actor filed for divorce in 2010, he also filed restraining orders against his estranged wife.

Duffy, who is currently in her mid-40s, attempted to file a court document so that she would not be cut out of Hopper’s will. She complained that their divorce did not provide her with enough money to take care of their only child, Galen.

In his will, Hopper left the large sum of money to Galen, and also stipulated that Duffy have no access to the daughter’s inheritance. It is also reported that Hopper’s three adult children, Marin and Ruthanna, and son Henry will also receive some inheritance from their late father.

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