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Demi Moore's friends show concern for star's health

Janelle Vreeland

Demi Moore

Demi Moore has been “very upset and hasn’t been eating”

Rumors have been circulating regarding Demi Moore’s relationship with hubby Ashton Kutcher ever since Sarah Leal came forward, claiming she and Kutcher had an affair. Moore, who has kept quiet about it all, now appears to be showing the effects of the stressful situation and it’s got her fans and friends concerned.

MSN reports that Moore, Moore, who celebrates her 49th birthday on Friday, has been looking particularly thin and frail. “She’s very upset and hasn’t been eating. It’s taking a toll,” a friend close to Moore revealed.

Despite making public appearances, Moore has been looking tired, stressed and frail. Moore’s Twitter feed, however, has not shown her frustration or stress. She even tweeted a silly photo of her with a monkey, saying, “My birthday starts with a bang & a some serious monkey business, pursemonkey may never be the same!”

Despite what might be going on in their marriage, Moore still has the Twitter handle of @mrskutcher.

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