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Deck out your Dorm Room with cool products from Lava® lamp!

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Deck out your Dorm Room with cool products from Lava® lamp!

Your dorm room is the place where you will do so many things throughout the year such as studying, partying and of course hanging out with your friends!  You will need fun, versatile accessories that will allow you to keep up with the fast paced fun of college life.  The fun Lava® lighting and party products are a great way to decorate your room and make the most out of your limited space. 

We have all of your college bases covered – whether you are studying, partying or just relaxing with friends, we have a cool Lava® product for you!

STUDYING: Brighten up your desk with the innovative Lava® Plus Lamp! It is like getting three lamps in one! You can use it as a decorative desk lamp, an entertaining Lava Lamp OR both at the same time!  Easily flip the switch depending on which mood you are in.  Another great feature of this lamp is the size – It is compact but gives off a nice illumination. 

PARTYING: Whether you are hosting a beer pong party or a fun dance off, we’ve got you covered with our versatile party products!  From party classics like the strobe light to the brightly colored disco ball, we are constantly developing new and exciting party items.  We also have battery operated mini party products so you can take the party with you wherever you go!

HANGING OUT: Hosting a study session, video game marathon or just relaxing with your friends? We have a Lava® Lamp perfect for you.  Stressed out from studying? Watching the wax flow will calm you right done – perfect for finals week!  We offer many different Lava® Lamps to match any mood or décor.  All of our lamps feature hand spun bases, glass globes and mesmerizing wax or glitter.  

–       We offer several different sizes of lamps to fit any space! 11.5”, 14.5”, 16.3”, 17”, 18.5” and the biggest one we make called the Grande at 27”. 

–       Our ColorMax™ line offers brightly colored decals on the tops and bases with hand painted globes and white wax.  As the white lava passes through the multi-colored glass globe, the moving lava absorbs the different colors and changes.  We are introducing two new lamps this year.  One features a concert scene – because music and Lava Lamps go hand in hand and the other is Northern Lights which allows you to enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World right at home!

–       We also offer glitter lamps for those who love all things that sparkle.  2016 is brighter than ever with our new Glittermax™ lamp which features glitter paint on the base and cap combined with swirling glitter inside the glass globe give it an extreme glitter look.  We also have a new lamp that features a tri-color hand painted globe with silver glitter inside!

–       We are very excited about our new Lava® Lamp featuring chalkboard paint on the base and cap!  It allows for complete customization of the Lamp. Draw pictures, write notes, erase and repeat for endless hours of fun!

–       Ever wanted a mini fireplace in your own space? Our new Fireplace Lamp combines the look of a fireplace in the iconic Lava Lamp shape! Watch the “flames” blow around as color changing LEDs in red, orange, and purple simulate a real fireplace.  Add some ambience to your dorm room!

–       Add some cool to your room with our Metallic lamps! These lamps feature a shiny chrome look and are the perfect accent to any room!

–       Illuminate your dorm room with our new battery operated string lights! They color change through 7 fun colors = perfect for decorating bulletin boards or doorways!  

SOCIAL:  Come join the party! We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.  We are constantly posting fun stuff, having cool contests and encouraging our fans to interact with us! Search for us under Lava Lamp. 

We have so many more fun items to help you make your dorm room your home away from home! Check out the rest of our cool products at fine retailers everywhere and also on our website

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