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A brief bio on electronic musician Deadmau5

Deadmau5 is turning out to be the next best thing to come from Canada, redeeming the county’s music credit after the invasion of Justin Bieber.  Electronic house musician, Joel Zimmerman, has been entrancing crowds from Switzerland to San Francisco with his high-tech light system and L.E.D. mouse-head – a few gimmicks that cannot over shadow his awesome and unconventional electronic music played, of course, on his self written music software.

Project 56, self described as “random/idm/glitchy stuff” and released for free in 2005, seems to be Zimmerman’s first release under the title Deadmau5 but was certainly not his first music endeavor-or his last. 

Zimmerman’s first steps towards electronic music began with the mixed “chip tunes” he experimented with at age 15, which led to a collaboration with Tommy Lee three years later.  Since then, the latest and mathematically incorrect release, 4X4=12, is the follow up to a mix of about 50 singles, EP and full length releases.

Other acclaimed Deadmau5 albums that acted as a prelude to the development of his current style as a dance musician are Random Album Title (2008) and For Lack of a Better Name (2009) which combined, have supplied hits like “Ghosts N Stuff,” “Hi, Friend,” “I Remember,” and “Faxing Berlin.”

Attracting international attention, Zimmerman was the house musician at the MTV Video Music Awards, was nominated for a Grammy and won various Juno and International Dance Music awards.

Zimmerman not only has multiple awards and records under his belt, but tons of loyal fans.  His shows are usually sold out and full of ravers ready to dance for hours in self made mouse-heads.  Zimmerman even opened a P.O. box for mau5 lovers to send their mail; the address was listed on his Listen to: “Sofi Needs a Ladder,” “Raise Your Weapon”

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