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Lindsay Lohan failed to pay 2009 federal taxes

Jalesa Hall

Lindsay Lohan

After being sued earlier this week, now Lohan has a tax lien on a property in Encino, California.

In addition to the various other legal situations Lindsay Lohan has been in this past year, Lohan is in trouble for not paying her 2009 federal taxes.

A recent tax lien has been placed on her house in Encino, California. According to the lien, Lohan owes $93,701,57 in back taxes and penalties.

Though her business manager refused to comment, TMZ reported that sources close to Lohan say Lohan was unaware of the debt and that after changed management teams, the debt must have gotten lost in the chaos.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Lohan is being sued by a photographer who claims that he was hit by a car she was riding in.

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