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Dating App Bumble is Opening Its Own Bar

Phoebe Ollerearnshaw

Dating App Bumble is Opening Its Own Bar

Dating app Bumble is opening its own bar in New York City!

Dating apps have been an exciting (yet not all that surprising) product of dating within a technological era. From quick swiping apps like Tinder and OKCupid, to apps that seek more depth like Sapio—the dating scene has dramatically changed in the last few years. But just when you thought that the trajectory of the modern dating crowd was evolving into something out of a dysfunctional kitsch 80s sci-fi movie, the reverse proves to be true. If believed the virtual space had nothing to do with the physical, you’d be wrong! It has just been revealed that infamous female-led dating app Bumble is opening its own bar in New York City. Like Tinder, Bumble works on a location-based interface, you match people in your local area. What sets it apart is the concept of females being given the power to initiate a conversation before a male does. While male users can extend an invitation to talk, they can only communicate once the female counterpart accepts. Although this doesn’t cater as well for same-sex couples, it has certainly got them noticed.

The hive

Their aptly named venue, the Hive, provides first-time daters with a location in which to chat, drink and flirt face-to-face without the barrier of a mobile screen. It will be a month-long installation throughout June, located in Soho at 158 Mercer Street. The bar space is a solution to that awkward first decision between daters, “where shall we meet for a first date?” The trick is usually finding the balance between super casual and overly pretentious. Most people can agree that meeting somebody for the first time after becoming accustomed to their text speak and emoji choices can be surreal. The CEO of the app remarked, “Bumble has allowed you to build your hive digitally, and now we’re giving you an extension of that physically.”

Bumble opening its own bar is a decision that has come, after a popular marketing campaign of the app aimed to empower young daters with slogans such as: “Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry (then find someone you actually like)”. This media project particularly aimed at boosting the female voice, coinciding with the apps primary motives. In one Instagram post they commented, “At Bumble, we build women up and support each other. We root for the success of all women, as we feel there is room for everyone to have the opportunity to win.”

The hip pop-up Hive by Bumble is decked out with fitting octagonal flourishes to create the appearance of a beehive. Likewise the furnishings glow with touches of yellow and gold, giving it a laid-back appearance. While the venue acts as a meeting place for recent acquaintances it also marks a meeting spot for friends to catch up and relax. The CEO of dating app Bumble explains that it is designed to encourage safety in dating along with expanding your circle of friends. Their creation of the bar is intended for Bumble users and non-Bumble users, in the hope that it will mesh the community.

The venue offers a coffee and a real bar, satisfying casual and more intimate set ups. Would you visit the Hive for your next mingle session? Give us your thoughts below.

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