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Daaa Blackhawks: Victory and Amazing Aftermath

Nathan Oelker

The victorious Hawks returned to Chicago for the city-wide celebration Tuesday

Hawks return to Chicago for Stanley Cup celebrations

With the score tied one-to-one at the end of the second period of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals, things were extremely suspenseful for Chicago’s beloved Hawks as they fought the Boston Bruins for their second championship in two years.

But then the magical third began, and in a stunning turnaround in front of a crowd of 17,565 on enemy ice, the Bryan Bickell and Dave Bolland scored two goals in seventeen seconds to become the new titans of American hockey. These idols of the ice crushed the Bruins chances for the Cup, and Patrick Kane was also crowned as the reigning MVP.

The aftermath in Chicago was so awesome that ecstatic fans went on looting rampages throughout the city. 23 people were arrested and Ald. Michele Smith says that 31 businesses were damaged by the jubilant revelers, but for the most part, like near Wrigley Field, the crowds of thousands were basically peaceful.

Meanwhile in the suburbs, neighbors of Coach Joel Quenneville TP’d his Hinsdale home in celebration. The same thing happened three years ago, and again he took it in stride, getting out of his limousine, shaking hands, and taking pictures with local well-wishers.

Finally the victors landed at O’Hare around 4:00am this morning, greeted by crowds scarcely held back. The celebration proceeded from the airport to Rosemont where the Hawks partied with fans, then to The Scout bar in the South Loop for a private party with their families. On 13th and Wabash the brown paper-covered windows did little to deter fans from a glimpse of Chicago’s renewed heroes.

The Rahm Emmanuel took a ride to The Scout as well, and was graceful to the defeated in our collective victory: “The City of Chicago is thrilled to congratulate our own Chicago Blackhawks on their hard-fought victory, once again bringing the Stanley Cup back to their sweet home Chicago. Our best wishes go out to the Bruins and the city of Boston for a well-played series. In the past few months, the people of Boston have showed how they can pull together and the Bruins have represented that same spirit, demonstrating what makes Boston a truly world-class city…The City of Big Shoulders stood shoulder to shoulder with the Blackhawks all season and we are all looking forward to welcoming them home as champions.”

The hockey gods are certainly looking down upon their humble, Big-Shouldered, Chi-town servants this sacred Tuesday, blessing our humid, rain-battered, gray-clouded city with their ethereal grace in preparation to the big Friday victory bash announced by Emmanuel.

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