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Colton Dixon finished "Idol" in seventh place

Kara Menini

Colton Dixon in American Idol

Plans to record Christian album in the near future

Colton Dixon felt what it was like to be in the Bottom 3 for the first and final time last night. Colton Dixon left American Idol in seventh place, but he doesn’t plan to give up on his singing career yet.

Colton Dixon, the 20-year-old, from Murfreesboro, TN, ended his time on American Idol by singing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and believes this song choice was the reason he was sent home. Colton Dixon has built a large Christian following throughout the season and blames his ignorance in the meaning of the song was what caused his elimination. “I should have thought that while choosing songs,” said Colton Dixon. “It just didn’t cross my mind. I was so concerned with doing another rock song, with the performance and the musicality of the song, that I overlooked the meaning.” Dixon changed some one the lyrics to make it more Christian friendly, and the judges gave him positive reviews, but that wasn’t enough for his Christian-based fan group.

Jennifer Lopez said, “I agree it was a very exciting performance. There were parts of it I just loved, and then there were those parts where it just got kind of a tiny bit low and you lost us a little bit. But again, you have so much character when you sing those parts that it just didn’t matter. It was a really good performance.”

After his elimination, Randy Jackson told Colton Dixon, “You have a huge career ahead of you man.”

Colton Dixon said, “Things are only going to get better from here. I’m going to be able to write my own music and put out my own music, and America’s going to be able to connect with me through that.” He continued, “I want to do Christian music. That’s where my hearts at … I’m going to start writing as soon as they let me and get started on a record.”

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