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College Success with Finals

Taelyr Vecchione

College success and tips for the end of the year finals

Brace yourselves, finals week is fast approaching. Whether you are ready or not it will be here with a vengeance. So its time to prepare yourselves, because you can never get started too early; trust me. It’s a stressful time, as we all know, and it could even be the determining factor in your final grade for the course. Here are some great tips to get you ready for finals and ace that test.

1) Utilize that planner and follow your schedule! You should have one already filled with your homework for the semester, so now use it for planning times to study before your test. Make sure to fill it with all of your homework and your activities, that way you know when you have free time to study.

2) Make a study guide. Some professor’s give you study guides to follow and fill out, don’t neglect this or procrastinate. This is a free pass to doing well on the test. So fill out that study guide with detail and precision. If they don’t give you one go over those notes and make your own! Look and see what are main points, and pull those out.

3) Google Docs are your friend. So many people have gone digital, with Facebook to Instagram, so use this technological advance to your advantage. If you don’t have time for a study group with some of your class mates you can use Google Docs. Send out the link to all of your class mates so you can all utilize a study guide and help each other out.

4) Make a friend, or even a few, to study with. Chances are there may be a question or two that you don’t know, so you want a friend to help you out with that question, and vice versa.

5) Don’t cram! Cramming doesn’t work, don’t kid yourself. The best way to study is over a period of days before the exam, not two hours. You definitely should review the material right before your test, but don’t try to learn it all on the walk across campus.

6) Use those Office Hours! Your professor has taken time out of his or her day to sit in a small cramped room for your benefit! They are there to help you, they want to help you, so take advantage of this. Chances are if you come in and really want help or ask good questions, they will remember you and be glad you came in. And hey, maybe they are grading your paper and your less than a point away from an A in the class, they might remember you came into their office and asked for helped and tried and bump you up a bit. You never know! Hopefully these help you out. Finals are a tough and stressful time, but if you follow these tips I guarantee you will make your life much easier. Good luck!

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