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College Start-Up Is Helping Men Smell Good

Who doesn’t want to smell good?  Whether it’s for the day or a night out, we all want to smell our best.   Scent Trunk is an innovative college start-up from Canada that’s changing how men buy fragrances.  They’ve created technology to determine your unique scent preferences, so you get scents you actually enjoy.  Then, every month they send you three tailored scents to wear. 

Just like how you wear different clothes for different occasions and seasons, fragrance is the same.  For the winter, you want to wear something aquatic, not woodsy.  You want your scent to work with the environment you’re in.  Think about clothing, you wouldn’t wear a t-shirt in the winter would you?  Speaking of clothing, fragrances can match those too.  If you’re wearing lighter colours, wear lighter, up-lifting scents!  Don’t wear scents which oppose your outfit.  Choosing the right scent is noticeable.  It’s like wearing a black belt with brown shoes.  Don’t do it!

Becoming a modern man means learning to dress well, but also learning to smell well.  The sense of smell is a human’s strongest sense, the sense which evokes the most emotion in our brains.  It’s the reason why you never wear her ex-boyfriends cologne.  It’s the reason why she’ll sleep with your sweater on if it still smells like you!  Learn how to properly wear fragrances and people will notice.

What’s the Problem?

It may seem overwhelming to get into the fragrance world.  There’s a lot to learn and a lot to try.  Most men hate going to the department store, it’s a waste of time and an unpleasant experience.  Not to mention, the sampling process is ineffective.  Fragrance reacts to your unique skin and body chemistry, which is why it smells different on everyone.  Scents also evolve over time, which is why they are much more complex than most people realize. 

Scent should be used as a way to express yourself.  Most men, wear the standard main stream fragrances, which all smell similar!  Scent Trunk’s vision was to be able to provide men with unique scents so that they can stand out, and be different. 

What’s Scent Trunk?

Scent Trunk is a monthly subscription, which uses technology to custom-select three fragrances samples for you.  You start by filling out their Scent Tailoring Survey which they use to construct a unique Scent Profile for you.  Based on your profile, they tailor your subscription to you using their library of scents.  You can also purchase full bottles of all their fragrances on their site, making trying and buying fragrances easy. 

Cologne: The Perfect Christmas Gift?

For the girls, how many of you have bought cologne as a gift before?  For the guys, how many of you have received cologne as a gift before?   The problem is, everyone enjoys different scents, so most of the time, that bottle of cologne, ends up sitting on his counter, barely used.  Get him Scent Trunk, let us choose something he’ll actually want. 

Scent Trunk’s Promotion!

We at College News reached out to Scent Trunk because we felt that it was a staple for every fast-paced college guy, and the perfect gift.  They have given College News readers a promotion code to receive $5 off any purchase.  Just use EARLY5 (www.scenttrunk.com)

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