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College Textbooks Make Way for College Tutor!

Kayley Loveridge

College textbooks make way for College Tutor

In the old days, carrying multiple thick and heavy textbooks in our rucksacks was close to breaking our backs. Money is a prime cause for concern for around 70 percent of college students in America. The cost of textbooks puts a strain on the finances of students, so isn’t it more financially viable to use e-text books, instead? Luckily for us and students for generations to come, the modern world relies on the use of highly accessible technology. Technology has changed the way we connect with each other, the way we socialize, the way we buy, and perhaps more significantly, the way we learn. Amelox brings you College Tutor, an online learning experience that acts as a supplement for studying.

Using the latest e-learning technology in the classroom breaks the traditional, passive model of learning into an interactive, engaging and encouraging one. The truth is, e-learning prepares the student for their career with the use of technology which has become integral in the workplace and the management of daily tasks.

Studies have shown that students tend to respond less favorably to traditional methods of study, including reading the text five times and highlighting paragraphs in textbooks. In fact, did you know that both methods have been cited as an ineffective way to study? Professor Dunlovsky, of Kent State University, published a study in Psychological Science. The study found that students who highlighted relevant paragraphs in a textbook actually only focused on one module point at a time, instead of integrating the information they learn into a “larger whole.” This hinders their entire understanding of the study material. The study also found that the recall of the material was low, around 25 percent.

This is where e-learning and Amelox’s impressive online program, College Tutor, comes in. Founded in 1989, Amelox’s reputation in the e-textbook industry is rising fast, proving time and time again its effectiveness for the success of the students who use it. Using College Tutor helps to ensure an optimum learning experience when using the included Universal Study Guide for effective learning.

Using a singular device with a program that is designed to engage its student, the College Tutor significantly reduces the risks of bad study habits and the number of expensive books one has to buy. The College Tutor is self-directed and low in price with no annoying extra-cost surprises. Written by knowledgeable professionals, College Tutor promises a 90 percent pass rate. Like carrying a personal tutor with you at all times, the program explores a range of topics for the student and academic alike to choose from. The College Tutor textbooks can be either supplementary, tutoring, or replace printed editions.

Covering a range of comprehensive subjects, College Tutor consistently updates and integrates new modules into their offerings to help ensure efficient learning. For students, it covers subjects for high school and college preparatory subjects, including calculus, biology, chemistry, and American history. Furthermore, College Tutor also covers career and license preparation subjects such as psychiatric mental health nursing, medical terminology, and real estate agent and broker license preparation.

An interactive e-learning experience, Amelox’s College Tutor is a must-have supplement to studying and a successful career. Flexible in nature, the program focuses on the end-goal as opposed to how much time it takes the student to get there. Learning at a pace beyond personal comfort is potentially detrimental to the learning experience and this program eliminates that when you follow the instructions in the Study Guide. College Tutor offers an invaluable try-before-you-buy experience that allows the user to try the product for free and then decide how this can help ace those difficult exams.
With a focus on quality, Amelox works closely with its programmers to ensure bug-free programs for convenient and trustworthy use. Amelox ensures its content is approved by such bodies as the federal states Common Core Standards (CCSS) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

So the next time you think about picking up that highlighter, or when you think that reading the text five times does the trick, or when you’re about to go buy those expensive heavy textbooks, think twice and go for Amelox’s College Tutor and take advantage of the competitively priced e-books!

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