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Cobra Starship Returns With Icona Pop On New Single

Adrianna Velazquez

The Starship has returned and they brought a guest passenger with them.

After a long-awaited return, Cobra Starship is back and and this time with Icona Pop.

The dance-pop band recently released the official lyric video via YouTube for their brand new single, “Never Been In Love” featuring Icon Pop. The retro track is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Following the band’s 2011 release, Night Shades, the band fell into hiatus and after a two-year stretch, frontman Gabe Saporta found himself wanting to revive his popstar dreams.

“I went through some hard times. I lost my girlfriend of five years; it was the typical clichéd band story— you get success, but it screws up your life,” he told Rolling Stone. “We were always these outsiders in the pop world, and then we were thrown into that world and I don’t think I was ready for that. I was almost mad at my career for it costing me so much.”

Now they’re back and doing things differently.

The new track is unlike the electro-pop hits Cobra Starship has become known for and carries a heavier influence from British bands.

While some diehard fans may find the new sound a hard reality, Saporta says despite changes in sound, what initially inspired him to start Cobra Starship to begin with remains the same— musical freedom.

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