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Clint Eastwood's sexy son

Sissela Murav

father or son?

Scott, 27, has proved himself to be quite the looker


Surprise, surprise! Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott, is extremely good-looking. Were we expecting any less? He basically looks exactly the same as his father did at 27—(Scott’s age) except maybe frattier, less rugged, more clean-cut.

Scott is of course pursuing acting, and will appear in upcoming movies alongside Ben Affleck and Shia LaBeouf. Not bad—but with Clint Eastwood as your father, it’s not such a commendable accomplishment. What CAN’T you do with a dad like that? The road was paved for him before ever leaving the womb.

He has high hopes, too: he strives to be a “man’s man,” not some “glitzy pop star.” And how does one become a man’s man? Seemingly by being devilishly handsome and all-American. He’s well on his way. 

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