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Stephan Hawking makes guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory

Kara Menini

Stephan Hawking appeared on The Big Bang Theory

Hawking also appears in Martin Scorsese documentary “Surviving Progress”

Stephan Hawking made a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory and proved to have a knack for acting.

Stephan Hawking appeared on the show as a lecturer and Howard was selected as the engineer to make sure his wheelchair was kept up and running during his stay.  Sheldon, who idolizes the physicist and considers himself equal to Stephan Hawking, becomes increasingly jealous. Howard gives Sheldon’s paper to Stephan Hawking but doesn’t reveal this information to Sheldon until he makes Sheldon do humiliating stunts. Sheldon finally meets with Stephan Hawking, who commends him on his impressive paper. After telling Sheldon that his argument was fascinating and Sheldon tells him it just came to him one day in the shower. Stephan Hawking responds, “That’s nice. Too bad it’s wrong.” Of course, this sends Sheldon into a frantic dialogue about how it can’t be wrong and then ends up fainting.

What really makes this cameo even better is the fact that Stephan Hawking insisted on doing his own voice work. Produces originally planned to add his mechanical voice later but Hawking’s own voice work added comedic value to the episode.

Check out a clip here!

Stephan Hawking also made a big screen debut in a Martin Scorsese documentary, Surviving Progress, which opens today in New York. described the film as one that “explores one main topic, the question with perhaps an infinite amount of answers: Can humanity evolve in a way that truly gels with the progress of our technology?” Stephan Hawking is one of the brilliant minds who were interviewed for the documentary, “We’re entering an increasingly dangerous period of our history,” Hawking said. “But I’m optimistic.”

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