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Christina Hendricks cell phone hacked and racy photos were leaked

Billy Gardner

Christina Hendricks...clothed

The nude one is supposedly “fake and not Christina”

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks hits the web with allegedly hacked photos from her cell phone. Hendricks’ publicist did confirm that some photos of the celebrity had been leaked on the internet and that she was in fact the victim of hacking, but, the most notable photo-showing Christina Hendricks naked breasts, according to her publicist, “is fake and not an image of Christina.”

This entire buzz has created a pretty good PR stunt for the release of Hendricks’show Mad Men. Intentional or not, the show is set to debut season five later this month. One has to wonder in this situation is any press good press?

The problem such a leak causes for Christina Hendricks, besides embarrassment amongst other things, is a future pay-day, if she so choose to do so, of naked photos of herself has now been lessened in value. Some nude celebrity photos have been sold for upwards of $1 million and for every hacked release of a celebrity that price dwindles. Some compare this to illegal leaks of songs because once it is out there, in public and on the web; the revenue stream is immediately altered.

One writer, Jo Piazza of the New York Times has coined the phrase faux-lebrity. He says these are the actors/actresses who “make their livelihood off being in the press,” from Snooki to every last Kardashian, a nude photo for them would mean a pay-day today. But for someone like Hendricks, a well known actress on a 4-time Emmy award winning show, there is no pay-day now or possibly in the future, for something like this leak.

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