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Christina Aguilera Raises Eyebrows at Etta James’ Funeral

Danielle Olipra

Christina Aguilera

Diva made some fashion faux-pas during tribute

On Sunday, as Christina Aguilera paid tribute to the recently passed Etta James at the icon’s funeral with a rendition of “At Last”, all eyes were on her…for all the wrong reasons, says the NY Daily News.

No one doubts Aguilera’s intentions were sincere, but it was hard not to notice a couple things about the diva’s appearance.  Aguilera is never shy about showing off her curvaceous figure, but Sunday’s black blazer featured an absolutely plummeting neckline….not what you’d expect to see at a funeral service.

As Aguilera belted out the tune, she must have worked up a sweat as well, because in close-up photos, small streams of what appears to be self-tanner look to be running down the front and back of her legs.  Observers said they could tell she was uncomfortable and noticed her trying to disguise brushing her legs together to blend the stains.

Aguilera didn’t let the blunders deter the service’s message.  “I can only hope that she felt the love in the room as we all came together to pay tribute to her and celebrate her life as a person and as an artist. She will be deeply missed and I thank her family for allowing me such a great honor,” she said later in the day.  We can only hope that she’ll be more conscious of her fashion choices in the future.

Etta James died on Jan. 20 at the age of 73 after a long battle with leukemia and complications from dementia.

Read more about Aguilera’s tribute here.

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