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Casey Anthony faces charges again

Elif Geris

Casey Anthony's mugshot

After 10 months of hiding, Anthony must testify

Casey Anthony has been found in Florida and charged with defamation for blaming Zenaida Gonzalez for her daughter, Caylee’s death. Gonzalez reportedly had nothing to do with the child’s disappearance, and Anthony was in hiding for 10 months since her trial. Anthony’s lawyer, Cheney Mason, has accepted a subpoena for the case, but in January, Anthony will take the stand.

In reference to the subpoena, Gonzalez’s attorney, John Dill said, “That means Anthony will be required to attend her defamation trial early next year or face the possibility of criminal contempt proceedings.”

According to WOFL-Channel 35’s anchor Amy Kaufeldt, “Mason said he accepted a subpoena on Casey’s behalf so she does not have to appear at a trial in January.” The case is to be investigated in court during the first week of that month.

However, Anthony’s attorneys made this decision when the defendant was missing. Therefore, while Anthony’s attorneys have accepted the responsibility, now Anthony must testify in court. The defendant’s hiding is said to have been for her safety after her trial on a check fraud charge.

According to the Associated Press, Anthony has used the Fifth Amendment in her defense on numerous accounts while videoconferencing her testimony in disguise.   

Anthony named the suspect as Caylee’s babysitter, and Anthony accused her of having kidnapped the child. After Gonzalez’s name was found in Sawgrass Apartments as a visitor, investigators were able to find her. The apartment complex is where Anthony claimed to have dropped Caylee off for the day.

According to The Huffington Post, Gonzalez had never met Anthony nor had she ever been a babysitter. Gonzalez has allegedly said that her life was ruined by the accusation.

Anthony admitted that the babysitter was fabricated, and her attorneys confirmed this to Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon.

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