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Career profile: Forensic nursing

Could you work as a forensic nurse?

Speculation on the cause fo the recent surge of interest in forensic nursing varies, but most agree that leading source of information leading to this expanding career choice is the popularity of the TV shows relating to crime scene investigation.

Are you up for a career in forensic nursing? Forensic nursing is a career where nursing professionals combine their training and education along with the field of law enforcement, investigating and helping treat victims. The victims are generally involved in child abuse cases, sexual assault or accidental death. Forensic nursing work often involves working crime scenes, gathering evidence and and treating people on the scene and afterwards following up. They also administer to incarcerated people and help with court cases as expert witnesses. Other general duties of the nurses are to help educate and treat their patients, to offer advice, support and resources for patients, to offer advice, support and provide resources for patients and their families.

They also help with home care needs, exercise and dietary issues, physical therapy and maintaining histories and case issues. Main specialty areas within the forensic nursing field include:

  • Correctional nursing specialist
  • Forensic clinical nurse specialist
  • Forensic gerontology specialist
  • Forensic nurse investigator
  • Forensic psychiatric nurse
  • Legal nurse consultant
  • Nurse coroner/death investigator
  • Sexual assault nurse examiner

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