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Burger King gets brand new fries

Jalesa Hall

Burger King in Norway

In an attempt to stay with trends, Burger King has made their fries thicker with less salt.

Burger King has made their new fries thicker with less salt and made them crisper.
The fries will be available in more than 7,000 Burger King restaurants across North America by December 5.

The vice president of innovation said, “We’re always trying to have the best menu possible. French fries are a big seller for us and we want to make sure we’re always improving.”

After testing out several options, this option was the winner.

Competition between companies’ fries is heating up as Five Guys, Smashburger and In-N-Out are attempting to compete.  The current trend in French fries is more about “natural.” For some, it’s fresh potatoes or using sea salt.

Darren Tristano, executive vice president at consulting firm Technomic said, “Making them thicker certainly makes them easier to eat, and since many of them are consumed in the car with one hand on the steering wheel, that’s probably not a bad idea.”

The fries have 20 percent less sodium than previous fries and are cooked in trans fat-free vegetable oil, according to Burger King.

On December 16, Burger King will offer a $1 value portion for free. The new fries will be available outside of the US in 2012.

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