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Bumbo Causes Boo-Boos

Jason Oliva

Babies Beware! Bumbo Baby Seats can cause boo-boos for your little ones.

South African retailer recalls 4 million Baby Seats products after infant injury rate increases.

Bumbo Baby Seats, miniature chairs of various colors designed specifically for  infants, is facing a recall of nearly 4 million products after receiving more than 50 reports that the seats have played a part in the injuries of many children.

Rising up about two feet from the ground, Bumbo Baby Seats are meant to hold infants in place with deep, angular grooves in the chair, however, many infants have wiggled their ways out of the colorful baby seats and tumbled over causing several skull fractures among some with bruises and lumps among others.

The South African-based company of Bumbo Baby Seats upon recalling millions of its own products said it would provide product owners with a safety belt to harness children in place and prevent future tumbles.

Priced between $30-$50, Bumbo Baby Seats, have been sold everywhere infant toys and accessories can be purchased, from Sears to Target, to Babies R Us and Toys R Us. But now the baby seats are facing a major recall and a potential decline in consumer spending.

This is not the first instance Bumbo has faced a recall for their Baby Seat. In 2007, Bumbo recalled 1 million seats to add a warning label informing people of the risks elevated seats pose on tables and countertops.

The solution for Bumbo is simple: send everyone who has a Bumbo Baby Seat a restraint belt kit that can be found by visiting, or by calling (866)898-4999.

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