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British Prime Minister Attempts to Mooch Votes from Far Right

Alexander Ly

UKIP emerges as party seeking to separate UK from EU

David Cameron Headed for Rough Election on May 7

British Prime Minister David Cameron attempted to woo voters from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) after former Conservative Party candidate Mike Whitehead decided to join up with UKIP.

Apparently Whitehead had made that decision amid a row with other conservative councilors and was “sacked” by them.

Mike Whitehead was a candidate for the Hull West and Hessle constituency.

Britain’s legislative elections is scheduled for May 7 this year. It has been predicted that the ruling Tories will face a close election against the Labour Party, and further exacerbated by defections to the emergent UKIP.

Prime Minister Cameron pledges to have a referendum on European Union membership in 2017 as long as he retains his seat as prime minister.

UKIP led by Nigel Farage pledges to withdraw Britain from the European Union and tighten “mass uncontrolled immigration” as well as implement a five year tax requirement before immigrants can apply for public housing or other benefits.

UKIP’s platform also presents conservative social values. While the NHS would remain generally unchanged, UKIP advocates for a flat tax rate and opposes gay marriage.
The party also is skeptical of man-made climate change.

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