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"Breaking Bad" season five: a foreboding start

Elif Geris

Breaking Bad viewers reward Walt White with no sympathy

“Breaking Bad” viewers reward Walt White with no sympathy

Season five’s premier of Breaking Bad provides viewers with a glimpse into the future and a foreboding opening scene in Denny’s. Breaking Bad meth cook, Walt White, buys a machine gun in the restaurant’s bathroom, and Walt’s own wife admits to her fear of him in this episode. And to dispel rumors now, there will be no Breaking Bad film.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan told The Rolling Stone, “This is a man capable of blowing up a nursing home in order to kill one guy.”

Gilligan said the final image of the Breaking Bad premier is a preview of the panic Skyler, Walt’s wife, experiences. Gilligan revealed that his goal with Walt’s character is to put him in just the right light for viewers – as the harmful, manipulative man he is.

Gilligan said, “This is a guy moving along a continuum toward ultimately becoming Scarface, and it seems in episode 501 he’s already Scarface.”

MTV asked Gilligan about the fates of other Breaking Bad characters. On Jesse, Gilligan said she is bound to find out about Lily of the Valley but did not give specifics of this future discovery.

On competition with other top television shows like Mad Men, Gilligan told Rolling Stone of the enjoyment that comes with trying to top one another. He said that although it is difficult to compete with an Emmy Award winner that focuses on the advertising industry in the 60s, half of the fun for Breaking Bad writers is progressing their own show plot to line up with Mad Men’s popularity.

Gilligan and fellow Breaking Bad writers work together to solve the problems they want to put their characters through, to give viewers the best dramatic experience. 

On the destruction of the evidence room, Gilligan added, “…the worst thing for the characters is often the best thing for the drama.”

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