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Brandon McCarthy is alive and alert

Mackenzie Dye

Brandon McCarthy was hit with a line drive his by Angel's Erick Aybar

McCarthy is reportedly alert and in recovery from surgery

Brandon McCarthy is reportedly alert and in stable condition after having surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain. The surgery was deemed necessary after the Oakland Athletics pitcher was hit by a line drive in the head Sept. 5.  Angels’ Erick Aybar hit the ball that resulted in the necessary surgery.

Although the pitcher walked off the mound without losing consciousness, physicians told Brandon McCarthy that he suffered an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture. All of this called for a relieving of the built up pressure on his brain, which a CT scan confirmed, according to CBS

The surgery performed could have saved McCarthy’s life. Dr. Geoffery Manley, the vice chairman of neurological surgery at UC San Francisco, told that the bone fragments from the skull fracture could have cut the middle meningeal artery. This cut can cause death, but with the two-hour surgery, McCarthy should be fine, if no complications arise.

“If you are not treated for this, you could die, but if you’re treated rapidly, you usually have a very, very good recovery,” Manley said. “That is why people need to be evaluated promptly. Most patients who have this kind of injury return to a normal life. I have treated other athletes with similar injuries who have returned to playing sports.”

Although he may not be back for the rest of the season, Oakland Athletics is wishing Brandon McCarthy a speedy and safe recover. “As we travel to Seattle today, Brandon remains in everyone’s thoughts as we wish him a speedy recovery,” said A’s GM Billy Beane in a released statement.

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