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Bonnie Franklin, 'One Day at a Time' star, dies at 69

Meredith Dobes

Bonnie Franklin (middle), star of "One Day at a Time" died today.

Bonnie Franklin, actress known for her portrayal of Ann Romano on “One Day at a Time,” died in her Los Angeles home today at age 69, surrounded by family and friends.

Franklin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September, according to her family members.

Franklin acted out the role of a divorced woman busy with parenting, working, dating and being a feminist and combating with sexism on “One Day at a Time.” The show ran through the 1970s and ‘80s.

Franklin’s character dealt with issues many women actively deal with in their daily lives. Franklin supported the idea of presenting real issues on the show, though it was a situational comedy.

“One Day at a Time” dealt with issues like teenage pregnancy, sexual harassment, rape and menopause.

Franklin’s role was the first of a single mother not widowed.

Franklin said it was important for her to portray her character as a woman who did not need to rely on men to make decisions and that she carried this mindset with her into her personal life. She had to deal with her ideas and opinions being second guessed by the show’s male writers.

In addition to her well-known part on the show, Franklin acted on stage and in movies and sang and danced at nightclub acts.

Franklin attended Smith College in Massachusetts, Ms. and transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles where she graduated with a major in English in 1966.

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