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Out of the Ordinary

Bob Ross is Google’s new doodle!

Mackenzie Dye

Bob Ross is known for the PBS how to series 'The Joy of Painting'

The search engine draws the famous painter

Bob Ross is known for many things, his fro, his “happy little trees,” but most importantly his beloved painting on his PBS show The Joy of Painting. Although may know him from the references to him in pop culture, Ross came into homes for eleven years to show his viewers the joy of painting beautiful nature landscapes.

The Joy of Painting first aired on PBS in 1983, and ran to broadcast 403 episodes of the low-budgeted and easy to grasp programs on how to paint taught by Bob Ross. Broken down into easy to understand steps and using a narrow color spectrum and limited tools, Bob Ross spoke in his soft spoken and motivational voice on how to start and finish a painting.

Bob Ross used a technique known as “wet on wet” oil painting, making it easier for those who are new to painting create his happy little clouds and trees. The technique does not wait for each layer of paint to dry, but instead colors are built upon while they are still wet.

The Google doodle of Bob Ross celebrates what would have been the painter’s 70th  birthday. The Joy of Painting ended in 1994, a year before the late painter passed away on July 4, 1995. He died of lymphoma at the age of 52.

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