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Billy Joel isn't The Stranger on American Idol stage

Brittney Elkins

Billy Joel performs An Innocent Man in Perth, Australia, 2006.

We’re all in the mood for a melody, and you’ve got us feeling alright.

Billy Joel songs were the highlight of American Idol this week as the contestants performed songs by the original Piano Man.

The Top 10 contestants battled to stay on the show another week by taking pages from the songbook of Billy Joel.

“If you can’t sing Billy Joel, you can’t sing at all,” Judge Steven Tyler said.

Contestant DeAndre Brackensick performed Only the Good Die Young, and even though he never quite hit the mark, the judges considered it a great way to begin a night of Billy Joel.

Erika Van Pelt got into A New York State of Mind, while Joshua Ledet sang She’s Got a Way.

The very country Skylar Laine performed Shameless, obviously a Billy Joel song, but told the judges that she had modeled it on Garth Brook’s version.

And why not? Country singers seem to do well on American Idol.

Elise Testone opted for a lesser-known Billy Joel song Vienna Waits for You, despite being warned that she could end up with low scores if she sang something the audience didn’t recognize. She nailed the song, and the judges gave her a standing ovation before pleading with America to keep her in the competition.

Moving Out, Honesty, My Life, Everybody Has a Dream were also performed, and what would a Billy Joel retrospective be without Piano Man?

Billy Joel wasn’t the only star of American Idol this week. Diddy—yes, as in Mr. Sean Combs—and Tommy Hilfiger also showed up to dish out advice. Unfortunately, Tommy Hilfiger quickly became the most ignored man in America after giving fashion advice to each contestant, just to see most of them perform in whatever they felt like wearing.

Thankfully, no one completely butchered their tribute the legendary Billy Joel, so America will allow nine of them to perform another day.

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