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Lucy Movie Review

Don’t waste your money; wait for it to come out on DVD.

Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, is a kidnapped woman who is used to smuggle a new type of drug, CPH4, out of the country and into Europe. During her captivity the bag breaks and she absorbs this new drug. As she absorbs the drug she gains more and more brain capacity, going from 10% to eventually 100%, and is able to control the world around her as well as time. As she takes out her vengeance out on those who have wronged her, she also seeks out a doctor, played by Morgan Freeman, to share her knowledge with. As she finally reaches 100% brain capacity she disappears and leaves the world with all of the knowledge she has gained.

Now this movie was supposed to be the hit of the summer, but I can tell you it does not come even close. Although the movie has great special effects and very cool aesthetics through the movie, that is all masked by the questionable and cheesy writing. There are very cheesy lines through the entire movie, as well as cheesy plot points that had nothing to do with the main story line. It leaves you asking yourself, why did we need to know that? Or why did we need to see that?

Scarlett Johansson’s acting also took away from the movie. Lucy is supposed to be this average girl who turns into this super human with unparalleled brain capacity, but her performance reminds me more of an emotionless robot. She kills anyone without a second thought, innocent or not. But she does not kill the one person responsible for her life turned tragedy, Mr. Jang, which leaves the viewer asking yet again, why? This eventually comes back to haunt Lucy and everyone around her as Mr. Jang seeks his own vengeance.

There are also random image points at the beginning of the film that are basically allusions to what is about to happen that seems almost pointless and only occurs for the first quarter of the movie. At the beginning Lucy is lured in to Mr. Jangs building, which is a trap, and we see in image of a mouse about to get snapped by a mouse trap. Not sure if that was needed, the audience isn’t stupid, we don’t need to be told what is about to happen. That’s what music choice or acting is supposed to convey.

Lucy, although somewhat entertaining, is not a movie you should spend a lot of money on. Wait for it to come out on Netflix or DVD.

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