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Bike to Work Day- Saves on Gas

Editorial Staff

National Bike to Work Day May 18

Today commuters trade four to two

Today is national bike to work day and offers commuters a chance to not only save some coin in their pocket and burn a few extra calories.  The skyrocketing gas prices have inspired bike enthusiast groups to declare Friday, May 18 a day to ditch your comfortable sedan for two rims.

However, if you do plan to participate in Bike to Work Day, then make sure to use extra caution, despite if you are driving or pedaling.

Websites across the nation are setting up group rides and other entertaining activities for Bike to Work Day.

But, if you do find yourself enjoying your bike ride to work, why not consider making it a permanent fixture in your life.  Think of all the money you could save. That European vacation may not just be a fantasy after all.

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