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Beware- Don't go into your dorm shower without reading this first!

Editorial Staff

This protective footwear will get you through your college career

Proceed with caution when entering a public shower, and ALWAYS wear protective footwear! Showaflops and AQua Flops are the perfect way to solve all your showa’ issues…they are not your average everyday flops!  They are the original flip flop that is worn from the Shower to the Street. Showaflops are pronounced “Showa’ flops” since the creators are from NY and playfully poke fun at their Long Island accents. Their mission was to solve a very serious and common problem after visiting college dorm showers with their eldest daughter. The founders of Showaflops and AQua Flops chose to fight the spread of foot diseases commonly contracted from damp floors, in a fun and stylish way.

Both brands were thoroughly researched to solve an important problem. Careful consideration to detail and trends yielded this impressive and effective product! One of the main selling points that make this product standout is that all Showaflops and AQua Flops contain an antimicrobial which helps prevent that usual flip flop smell while also helping to combat the spread of bacteria and fungus.

One of the most common problems with regular flip flops is that water stays on the flops so they feel waterlogged. Showaflops and AQua Flops were designed with special holes that provide improved drainage for faster drying. They also provide the proper traction needed to safely and comfortably take showers in places such as: dorm showers, steam rooms, gym locker rooms, pools, camps, and anywhere else that is swarming with germs. Most flip flops are very slippery when worn on wet tile floors, making them very dangerous when you’re taking a shower or walking poolside. Showaflops take care of that problem by having soles that are slip resistant on most tile floors. Most other sandals and flip flops are slippery, which can be a problem for us clumsy ones out there… but Showaflops  keep you on your feet.

Due to the trendy look of Showaflops, with great designs and well constructed soles, they are so comfortable they can be worn everywhere…even with your cutest summer sundress! 

The bottom line is, there aren’t any flops out there quite like Showaflops. They have a completely unique and cool look. This is a great product that has caught on and has swiftly become the “must have” product for college students, teens, kids, and adults.  Showaflops are so comfy that once you get them on your feet, you won’t want to take them off!  You also won’t dread going into the community showers. Check out the many different designs of flip flops AND slides with your dorm mates, and show them off! They can be found at your fave store, Amazon or on  So as they say at Showaflops: “No more fungus amongus” and “C’mon and get your flop on!”

Showaflops are available on and other fine retailers.  AQua Flops are available at Bed Bath and Beyond and 

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