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Best Etsy Shops to Follow this Spring

Ellen Zacarias

Eye tattoos, ear cuffs, and more

Tired of shopping at the same old mall stores? Try looking for unique accessories on Etsy, the haven for everyday crafters. Some of the ideas begun on Etsy become popular enough to start trends that eventually find their way into mainstream stores like Forever 21. Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops that sell interesting accessories:

Ear Cuff Golden Crystal Lothlorien, $16

Ever wanted to be an elf from a fantasy world? While I don’t see them wearing the same sort of jewelry in the Peter Jackson movies, I think ear cuffs are the sort of jewelry that an elf (especially a princess elf in a different worldwould wear. 


ImageCclstore sells temporary eyeliner tattoos of countless breathtaking designs that would otherwise take forever (and a lot of dexterity) to do by hand. Beautiful. 



Sherry and Dan at the Pendant Emporium sell handcrafted pendants with artwork protected by durable high-gloss epoxy resin (the shiny stuff on the surface). Some of the categories of the vast options of artwork include: “Art, Design, Abstract”, “Fairy, Myth, Mermaid”, “Halloween, Xmas”, “Tree, Bird, Nature, Animals”, “Music, Movies, People”.



Braided Leather Bracelet, $33

FitsyDesign sells leather accessories including sunglasses cases, but the piece that stands out the most would be the braided leather bracelet, which comes in different colors. The bracelet would add a boho element to any springtime outfit.



ThoughtBlossoms sells mantra bracelets such as this runner one (above), and they also sell bracelets that can be stamped with medical ID information, which is good for people who have allergies or special medical needsThe shop owner of ThoughtBlossoms is Heather Sanchez, who purchased two charms “believe” and “gratitude” from Etsy in 2007, wore them every day for three years, and was inspired to pursue a new path for her creative career. 


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