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Jess Smith

Looking back on your first love

Nothing will ever quite be like the first time you fall in love

A lot of people, as they get older, tend to brush off teenage love as “puppy love.” It’s infantile, not real, not long-lasting. And most of the time, the cynics are right. People change, and who you are at 18 isn’t who you are at 28. People grow, and they don’t always grow together. There’s nothing wrong with that. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and the shorter seasons aren’t worth less. They’re just different.

In some ways, even if it’s not “real” or long-lasting, your first love is purer in some ways. As you grow older and experience heartbreak, it’s easier to keep your guard up. You’re more skeptical, you worry about if this person is really right for you, you wonder if it’ll be a waste of time and energy, you don’t trust them at first. I’ll admit, it’s all cliche, but true for a lot of emotional people.

But your first love is different. You don’t know yet that feeling of heartbreak, and so you have nothing to hold you back. You love fully and recklessly. There’s something beautiful in that, which is basically the market that Nicholas Sparks and John Green have tapped into: the unadulterated, unfiltered beauty of young love.

It’s the butterflies and the “I love you” and the feeling that you can just be with them. It’s making those inside jokes, having “your” foods at that one place that is special to you, it’s showing someone your childhood toys and telling them about the first time you got hurt and your dad was there to make it better. It’s sharing with them the dreams too ridiculous to share with anyone else, and maybe even incorporating them into those plans for the rest of your life. It’s the feeling that someone loves you like no one else ever has.

And it’s the feeling that you fit together so perfectly, nothing can ever come between you. But then college happens, life happens, everything happens. You’re tested. A lot of people find that they’re not happy, and decide the relationship isn’t working for them. That’s okay.

Looking back at a first love is like feeling sepia. Don Draper said it best in an early season of Mad Men, in the now-famous Carousel pitch. “In Greek, “nostalgia” literally means ‘the pain from an old wound.’ It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone… it takes us to a place where we ache to go again…It lets us travel the way a child travels – around and around, and back home again, to a place where we know are loved.”

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Sigma Nu brother dies in boating accident

UT Student, William Coker who was a sophomore in finance, has died after a boating accident on Chickamauga Lake. He was a a part of the Sigma Nu fraternity and died from injuries sustained in an accident when an intoxicated student riding a jet ski hit Coker.

The fraternity tweeted, “It’s a sad day at Epilsen Eta. Please keep peaceful thought and prayers for the family of William Coker. Rest Easy 1570.” The fraternity also established a relief fund to cover funeral costs that cost over $5,000.

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Students study LGBTQ histories abroad

The Purdue Exponent reports that students from Purdue go abroad to Paris, Amsterdam and New York to study LBGTQ histories. The program had ten students go abroad to study the LGBTQ histories from the 18th to 21st centuries. Each student wrote about their experiences, detailing the best part of each of the days. The students posted blogs talking about the moments during the trip that touched them the most.

Students did everything from visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to visiting with organizers of Aids Crisis organization ACT UP in Paris, France. Students also got to visit the Louvre where one student said “Amazing, breathtaking; the pictures do no justice for the beauty this great museum held.”

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Gender and sexuality resource director gone after Assata Shakur mural removal

After a mural featuring controversial Black Panther Assata Shakur was taken down from the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, the director of the resource center has also been fired. Susannah Bartlow, the director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center was let go from her position after it was discovered that the alleged radical activist Assata Shakur was featured in the resource center mural. The mural was removed on May 17 after this discovery and Marquette noted that it “did not reflect the Guiding Values of Marquette University”. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha, which had a hand in painting the mural released a statment via Leona Dotson, international communications chairman of AKA, where it says that Marquette knew what the mural would entail before it was painted. 

Now students are petioning to get Bartlow reinstated on the staff. A petition that was posted on May 29 had received over 500 signatures after students began rallying to get her back.

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Colorado State University's lost traditions

Remember ‘tubbing’? Colorado State University has a slew of traditions that have been lost throughout the years. The Collegian talked to Gordon “Hap” Hazard of the Archives and Special Collections desk at the campus library. One of the traditions highlighted was the disgusting act of tubbing where students were punished after failing to invoke true school spirit. The punishment included a dragging into the gross pond on campus. 

Another tradition noted was called ‘Bottles Around Hughes’ this is where bottles of liqour were placed from end zone to end zone at Hughes Stadium to highlight the mass amount of alcohol intake that would happen during home games. Hughes Stadium began selling beer after they decided that maybe all of the hard alcohol students were consuming probably wasn’t the best idea.

Football victories used to be celebrated by ringing the bell on top of the ‘Old Main’ building on campus, which met its demise in 1970 when it burned to the ground.

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Columbia University becomes first US University divest private prison industry

Columbia University will become the first college to divest from the private prison after the Board of Trustees voted on Monday. The university will divest its stocks from the industry and will not invest in anymore similar stocks. Rallies for the divestment were happening on campus since last year, when sit ins were held, such as one taught by Lee Bollinger, the University President.

Dunni Oduyemi wants to give the credit to students, especially students of color, who were very active in trying to get this divestment to happen. She was quoted as saying, “All of the work was done by students, especially students of color on this campus.”

The divestment is just the first step of attempting to rid the university of investing in “racist and classist system of incarceration and policing”.

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Learn how to treat yourself right: Our guide to sex toys

A writer from The Phoenix gives the rundown of the best sex toys that are on the market. Sometimes your best sex partner is yourself. There are many different sex toys on the market that can get you where you need to be. The Phoenix gives you the 411 on the best category of sex toys on the market.

Everything from bullet vibrators to quiet sex toys to ‘butt toys’ can help you out depending on what your sexual preferences are. 

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Dartbeat debates sophomore summers over and underrated parts

Falling in the vein of Pitchfork’s Over/Under series, Sophomore’s at Dartmouth take a look at what is overrated and underrated about their campus experiences.

Some highlights of the series include late night food spots, formal, ledges and the 4th of July.

Late Night FoCo: Unaminously voted underrated, Late Night FoCo is the “cat’s pajamas” and “almost worth sacrificing the hop for”

4th of July: 4th of July also was voted underrated and noted as a “great date spot”.

Ledges: Cliffs where you can take dives or hang out on the Dartmouth campus were voted overrated because they often result in injuries.

Joint-Formals: This one was split half and half between overrated and underrated. Having multiple formals on one night limits date choices, but sometimes being a third wheel can be fun.

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Rising junior booked with negligent homicide after shooting boyfriend

Nicole Dukarm, a junior at Tulane University was charged with homicide after accidentally shooting her boyfriend in the face. Dukarm was specifically charged with one count of negligent homicide when she had been playing with his gum and accidentally shot him in the face. She originally said that he had shot himself in the face, but later admitted that it was in fact herself who had the gun. 

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene when attempts to resuscitate failed. 

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Crimson Bachelorette Episode 1 Review

A group of Harvard students have created a satirical dating show called ‘The Crimson Bachelorette’; the first episode gives a funny look at the campus-dating situation. The show stars the fictional bachelorette, Chase Sui Wonders who has 10 potential love interests who are following her around and trying to become the last one standing. 

The first episode shows Chase attending a cocktail party with her potential man mates and watching their attempts to impress the Harvard student. 

Watch the first episode below:

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