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Dartbeat debates sophomore summers over and underrated parts

Jess Smith

Falling in the vein of Pitchfork’s Over/Under series, Sophomore’s at Dartmouth take a look at what is overrated and underrated about their campus experiences.

Some highlights of the series include late night food spots, formal, ledges and the 4th of July.

Late Night FoCo: Unaminously voted underrated, Late Night FoCo is the “cat’s pajamas” and “almost worth sacrificing the hop for”

4th of July: 4th of July also was voted underrated and noted as a “great date spot”.

Ledges: Cliffs where you can take dives or hang out on the Dartmouth campus were voted overrated because they often result in injuries.

Joint-Formals: This one was split half and half between overrated and underrated. Having multiple formals on one night limits date choices, but sometimes being a third wheel can be fun.

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