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Corey Demaline

What’s Wrong With Me?

Reasons why you’re constantly in the “friend zone”


You’re confused, frustrated and utterly worn out by the dating world. Time and time again you find yourself hearing the words, “You’re a great person, but can we just be friends?”

Another opportunity lost with who you hoped to be a potential partner. So what are you doing so wrong that makes the one you like turn their head? You ask friends for advice and a majority of the time, the response you get is that you shouldn’t give up on love.

Well, it’s a good thing we’re not necessarily friends because I’m about to explain what it is you might actually be doing wrong or lack there of.

Less talking, more flirting: Now don’t starting thinking this should be an attempt to get into their pants. The obvious will only be stated here. A lot of people, especially men, are “friend zoned”. Reason being, they’re lacking in the charm department. Yes, every healthy relationship should begin with a solid friendship, but if the person you’re interested in doesn’t see your flirty side, they’ll never view you as a potential partner. So give them that look, wink a little bit and flash your million-dollar smile. The next time you see them, stand a little closer, make your hug last a little longer (you are at least hugging them, aren’t you?) and don’t be afraid to brush the hair from their face. Adding in a bit of affection shows you’re attracted to them and want the opportunity to be more than just friends.

Take a second look in the mirror: I’m telling you right now if you don’t own deodorant or decent clothing, you’ll be placed in the “friend zone” before you even have the chance to deliver your opening line. You’re not expected to go out and buy a new wardrobe, but you should present yourself in an attractive manner. Put away the flip-flops and bring out a nice set of shoes. Don’t think sporting your favorite polo from ten years ago is winning you brownie points. Dress nice and look approachable. Highlight your figure without overdoing it. Style your hair in a way you think looks hottest. Constantly wearing loose sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts around the person you’re trying to win over won’t work. If you don’t dress to impress, then just what exactly are you doing? You may have a great personality, but if you don’t appear desirable, your funny jokes and attentiveness will make you their friend…on Facebook.

“You’re SUCH a good FRIEND”: Tired of hearing these words? Being a good friend is definitely a compliment, but for once, you’d like to hear the words “I’m really attracted to you” or “I think we could be more than friends.” The way you speak and act around the person you like will determine everything. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Are you always asking them about potential partners? Do you offer advice when it comes to dating? How are you portraying yourself in their eyes? Without even realizing, you may be headed towards a great friendship…and that’s it. Chances are, they have a best friend they go to for relationship advice and what to do about the good-looking guy/girl they met at the bar. By putting yourself in their best friend’s chair, you’re well on your way of being “friend zoned.” You’re not trying to be the person they run to when their partner breaks up with them, you’re trying to be THEIR PARTNER. Do things a best friend wouldn’t necessarily do. This includes flirting, late night conversations in the car, dates and random gifts delivered to their home or work. If you don’t want to be in the “friend zone,” stop trying to be their best friend.

A hot mess of problems: Some people have no problem discussing their personal life or unending disputes they’re facing, but you shouldn’t be one of them when it comes to the person you like. If you’re trying to win over a person’s heart, constantly talking about your lingering ex, family drama or untrustworthy friends isn’t something they want to hear about everyday. If you’re surrounded by endless, exhausting problems, first and foremost, deal with them before trying to gain their affection. If you’re having a hard time sorting through these issues, what makes you think you’re ready to take on a relationship? And even if you make it to the point where the two of you are discussing the possibility of being more than friends, do you really think it’s fair to drag them into your unorganized, problematic life? Odds are, a big reason they’ve thrown you in the “friend zone” is because you’re a hot mess. Deal with yourself before trying to take on something else.

Dating profile reads: “Desperately Seeking Spouse”: First and foremost, delete your online dating profile and wake up! You need to realize how young you are. Stop listening to society and believing the words, “you’re running out of time.” The pressure of getting married and having children shouldn’t affect you right now. You need to relax and let it happen when the time is right. If you’re constantly trying to find the right person for you, you won’t. You’re not in the right mindset. If you’re so desperate to find someone, you’ll do anything. This means you’ll go as far as changing who you are, saying yes to everything they want and placing their happiness above your own. Then what can you say for yourself? Not much. You’ve lost your identity and maybe even some friends along the way. Until you accept the fact that love doesn’t run on a meter, you’ll settle for anybody who’s willing to go out with you. Have some patience, set your standards and remain focused on the future. If the person you like “friend zoned” you the other day, it may be because you’re displaying a lot of desperation and not enough concentration. Nobody wants to be with someone who’s desperate. Concentrate on what’s important and when you least expect it, the right person might actually approach you, rather than the other way around.

Man shot by son-in-law on Father's Day

Charles Jennings, Jr. captured after firing gun in Utah Church


What started out as a beautiful Father’s Day Mass in Ogden, Utah quickly turned into a church’s worst nightmare. As Charles Richard Jennings, Jr., also referred to as Ricky Jennings, walked through the glass doors with wife Cheryl in hand, no one suspected this parishioner would pull out a gun with the intention of killing his father-in-law, James Evans.

The loud bang echoed through the church walls. The bullet missed his brain and exited through Evans’ cheek.

At the sound of Jennings gunshot, Rebecca Ory Hernandez, who stood just a few feet away from Evans with her 5-year-old son, says she grabbed her son, threw him under the pew and got on top of him.

Laying on the ground surrounded by nearly a dozen members of the congregation, Evans repeatedly said, “I’m OK, I’m OK,” as blood spilled out the side of his mouth.

Jennings took off, stealing a neighbor’s truck and leading police on a highway chase until the truck ran out of gas. Hours later, the 35-year-old gunman was finally captured on foot.

With a congregation of 300 people, St. James Catholic Church continued the Mass, led by Rev. Erik Richtsteig.

“They were a mess,” said Richtsteig on Monday. “They were worshipping God and this man came in and did an act of violence.”

Richtsteig explained his reasoning for continuing the Mass, saying, “Evil will not prevail.”

James Evans is expected to survive the bullet wound, according to doctors at McDee-Day hospital in Ogden. He will undergo reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation in order to swallow and speak again. Dr. Barbara Kerwin, director of the intensive care unit, says Evans was conscious on Monday and responding to others by nodding yes and no and using hand signals to communicate.

In tears during a hospital news conference, the victim’s wife, Tara Evans, said, “He turned his head just at the right time. If he didn’t turn his head, he would have been hit in the back of the head and he would have been dead.”

Ory Hernandez was at a loss of words when her son told her, “I didn’t know there were any bad guys in this town, mommy.”

Jennings, who has been booked on suspicion for aggravated criminal homicide, aggravated robbery and possession of a firearm by a restricted user, will appear by video for arraignment on Tuesday in Ogden, according to Weber County deputy county attorney Dean Saunders.

Enraged that violence entered the doors of St. James Catholic Church, Rebecca Ory Hernandez says, “The bad guy doesn’t get to win this time.”

Is This the End of the Relationship?

How do you know if it’s a break or a break up?


We all know relationships are complicated. Some days we like our partner while other days we wish they would get as far away from us as possible. But nothing is more terrifying than hearing the words, “We need to talk.”

The two of you sit down and discuss your exhausting relationship. He says things are getting too difficult or she thinks the two of you aren’t right for one another. They haven’t necessarily said the words “it’s over”, but it sure feels that way. So how do you know if this is their way of trying to end things? The next few weeks after “the talk” will determine everything. Here are some signs to look for in order to understand where the two of you are headed.

So you haven’t heard from them in a couple of days post-talk? That’s normal. Most people need their space to think things over before entering the next phase of whatever it is the two of you are doing. If your boyfriend is the one who made the call to take time apart, there’s something you need to understand about men: they scare easily. Most men do not like the idea of being tied down to one woman for the rest of their lives. It makes them feel uneasy and nervous that they may be missing out on something else.

This could just be him trying to figure out whether or not you’re the right woman for him. A lot of men need this time to learn who they are and what they truly want in their life. If he’s the right man for you, he’ll come back. If not, now you know. But you can’t rush this process. Do not suffocate him during this time. His mind needs to think things through without your influence. If you constantly reach out to him, you’re only going to aggravate the situation and push him further away. Plus, this is a good time for you to figure out whether or not he’s right for you. Sometimes when you’re so involved and obsessed with a relationship, you fail to see the flaws or changes you’ve made in your own life. Become aware of the things you may have forgotten about and left behind during time. This could include friendships, hours of sleep, the amount of effort you put in at work or socializing. Do not look at this time apart as a negative thing. More than likely, the space he asked for isn’t necessarily about you. This time is about him and what he really wants in life.

Is she worried that you two won’t work out? Does she believe you’re not fit for each other? Has she called a time-out on the relationship? We’ve learned why a lot of men call for a break, but why do women? To be honest, not many women have the courage to place a relationship on pause. They usually leave it up to the men in fear they’ll lose him entirely if they’re the ones to pump the breaks. Most of the time a woman asks for time apart because she believes something is missing in the relationship. Whether it’d be romance, fun or attention, your girlfriend isn’t happy. This is her time to figure out if being with you is what’s best. Guys, as much as you don’t want to hear it, you’re slacking in the chivalry department. You need to step up your game! Your career shouldn’t consume you, don’t forget about special occasions and for once in your life, be on time to dinner.

Only time will tell if this is the end of your relationship. If it really is a breakup rather than just a break, you must prepare yourself now. Over the coming weeks, learn to be on your own again. Do not under any circumstance go looking for a rebound. If you still love your partner, you won’t do this. If you were in fear of losing them before, rebounding is a sure way you’ll lose them now.

While on this break, try not to over-think things. Take this time to reorganize your priorities, learn who you really are and make a new bucket list. Do not sulk or become depressed. This could be exactly what you need to figure out if this is the right relationship for you as well. You may surprise yourself and realize it’s not going to work out like you had hoped. Then again, this may just be what the two of you needed in order to make things work. Either way, a break isn’t always a bad thing. Instead of viewing it as a loss, think of it as a gain. It’s going to teach you one more valuable lesson in this game called “love”.

Miss Connecticut Becomes Miss USA

Erin Brady says goodbye to East Hampton and hello to Manhattan

Fifty-one beautifully ambitious women competed for the winning title of Miss USA, and after the highly anticipated results, Erin Brady of Connecticut claimed the title.

Erin Brady, 25, graduated from Central Connecticut State University and majored in finance with a minor in criminal justice. It’s safe to say the newly crowned Miss USA won’t be returning to her accounting job tomorrow; or ever again. The East Hampton resident will be moving to a dazzling new apartment located in Manhattan.

Not only will Erin Brady be traveling the globe to raise awareness for breast cancer, Miss USA will also be an advocate for children who suffer effects from drug and alcohol abuse. During an interview with The Associated Press, Brady says, “I grew up in a family influenced by that and I think it’s really important to help the children of families that are suffering from those problems.”

As a child, Erin Brady wasn’t involved in the pageant world. Like every little girl’s dream, she danced around her swimming pool pretending to be Miss America. Her sister Audrey, 20, described memories with their grandmother who would direct them in pretend shows at home.

Since Brady’s career plan never read anywhere about becoming the next Miss USA, her family was a bit surprised when she informed them of her decision to enter the Miss Connecticut pageant.

“She just went up there on a whim, man. But it was like, ‘Just go for it. There should be more people like you who are competing, where it’s not all about the hair and the makeup, but personality too,’” Audrey said during an interview.

Brady has every intention of proving the stereotype surrounding the pageant world wrong. Given her background, Erin Brady may just be the right woman for the job.

“I think that now more than ever, they’re accepting that we’re all intelligent individuals and that it’s really not a stereotype,” Brady said.

With the support of her family and loving fiancée, Tony Capasso, Erin Brady will represent the U.S. this winter in Moscow at the Miss Universe pageant. But for now, the new Miss USA will find herself at the gym and catching up on her beauty sleep before taking on the next steps in her bright future.

Erin Brockovich: Arrested for Intoxication

A night of boating gone wrong for the environmental activist

What was a fun Friday night of boating on Lake Mead near Las Vegas turned into a breathalyzer test and time spent in the Clark County Detention Center for environmental activist, Erin Brockovich.

If you’re unsure of who Erin Brockovich is, maybe you recall her name being used as a film title in 2000 and her character, played by Julia Roberts. Brockovich singlehandedly brought down a California power company in order to save a city’s water supply from further pollution, earning an obscene amount of money after winning the court case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company. If this isn’t impressive enough, Brockovich has earned no formal law or legal education.

On late Friday night, a game warden suspected Erin Brockovich under the influence of alcohol when he noticed her attempt to dock her motor boat. Edwin Lyngar, spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, said Brockovich’s breathalyzer test revealed a blood-alcohol level just over twice the legal limit of .08. Brockovich had been out on the motor boat with a male companion earlier, but was alone while trying to safely dock.

“She was not sure how to maneuver the boat into the dock,” Lyngar reported to The Associated Press. “It’s a simple thing if you can think clearly. But if you add alcohol and unfamiliarity of the area, it can all cause serious problems.”

The Agoura Hills, California resident was released from the Clark County Detention Center after posting bail at $1,000. After apologizing for her actions yesterday, Erin Brockovich made it clear she was not driving the boat intoxicated while in open waters.

Brockovich states, “At no time was the boat away from the dock and there was no public safety risk. That being said, I take drunk driving very seriously, this was clearly a big mistake, I know better and I am very sorry.” She also adds that, “after a day in the sun and with nothing to eat it appears that a couple of drinks had a greater impact than I had realized.”

Nevada law states a first-time offense of boating while intoxicated is a misdemeanor and has a fine which ranges from $1,000 to $2,000. Luckily, Brockovich will receive no jail time. Let’s hope this remains a one-time arrest for Erin Brockovich and from here on out, we’ll only read more success stories from the environmental activist.

'Bachelorette' season nine kicks off

Desiree Hartsock sends home 6 men, 19 remain


The jaw-dropping beauty, Desiree Hartsock, leads the ninth season of “The Bachelorette”.  With her gracious smile and mesmerizing brown eyes, Hartsock brought the show to life on Monday night.

With 25 men at her disposal, literally, Desiree Hartsock is introduced to each one, realizing rather quickly whom she likes and dislikes. Desperately seeking the love and affection for Hartsock, each man brought a unique story or act. One man showed up with his toddler, another without a shirt on (revealing his chiseled abs) and two with a wishbone and a penny, hoping for luck.

This isn’t Desiree Hartsock’s first appearance on television. You may recognize her from former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s season, as he said goodbye to her after the traditional hometown visits.

She discusses her relationship with Sean Lowe, saying she “was devastated” after his decision to send her home. “But I know that love is out there no matter what. I can only hope my Prince Charming is one of these men,” says Desiree Hartsock during her testimonial.

We briefly learn a few things about Desiree Hartsock during the Monday night premiere. Hartsock grew up living in an apartment with her parents and brother, Nate. She describes her childhood as poor, but happy. Desiree Hartsock says the apartment was so small, her brother Nate slept in the living room.

A few of the men caught Desiree’s eye early on in the ‘Bachelorette’ premiere. One in particular won her affection when he exited the limo with his son, Brody. ‘Bachelorette’ fans, meet Ben, a 28-year-old entrepreneur from Texas. Desiree Hartsock becomes smitten with the young boy who approaches her holding a single daisy.

Bryden, an Iraqi war veteran, made her smile while sharing the story of his last heartbreak, which led to his enlistment.

Kasey Stewart, a social media expert, is addicted to Twitter’s hashtags. So he has that going for him…

Desiree Hartsock made it clear what type of man she was not looking for after sending home Jonathan Vollinger. The rather creepy and strange man insisted Hartsock join him in what he created as a “Fantasy Suite” only moments after meeting. “I am not that type of girl,” Des said after dismissing him. “I don’t want to go to a dark room with him.”

With that said, Desiree Hartsock passed out a handful of roses early on to men who she saw potentially winning her over. At the end of the premiere, 5 hearts are broken as they’re sent home, leaving Des 19 men to choose from next episode. Who will win the affection of this stunning woman in season nine’s ‘Bachelorette’? Stay tuned!

San Francisco to host 50th Super Bowl

49ers up against Miami Dolphins for 2016 game


As it stands, the San Francisco 49ers are favored to host the 50th Super Bowl of the NFL. If not chosen, the Miami Dolphins take the win and will host the historic event. Whichever team is not chosen will compete for the 51st Super Bowl against the Houston Texans.

Why the 49ers? San Francisco is currently in the process of building a new stadium.

Jerry Rice states his thoughts on the location and says, “I think with the new stadium… we can host the Super Bowl there… It’s going to be awesome. So I realize there’s a lot of history at Candlestick. To stay competitive in the NFL, this is something we have really needed for long, long time and I think it’s going to be awesome.”

The Miami Dolphins had every intention of building a new stadium as well, but in early May the city tossed the idea aside. Even though the Dolphins have a record of hosting the Super Bowl ten times, without the new stadium their chances have dropped dramatically. The 49ers have only ever hosted the Super Bowl once in 1985.

Since Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, refuses to fund the renovation of the 26-year-old Miami Gardens venue alone, the stadium has lost a majority vote for hosting the 50th Super Bowl. For years the NFL has wanted to see changes in the Miami Dolphins stadium, but since state funding for the renovation won’t come through, the venue will suffer.

San Francisco 49ers take the lead in hosting the 50th Super Bowl by investing in a new $1.2 billion stadium in Santa Clara. The doors of the venue are due to open next year; just in time for the 50th Super Bowl.

Albert Breer wrote on the NFL’s website on Monday saying, “Following the Miami Dolphins’ failure to secure public funding for renovations… San Francisco sits in the driver’s seat.”

“Certainly what happened doesn’t help Miami’s bid. There’s no doubt about that,” Bob McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, stated earlier. “But that doesn’t say that the owners couldn’t decide to still go to Miami.”

Next year’s Super Bowl will be held in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This is home to the New York Giants and New York Jets. The 2015 Super Bowl will be played in Glendale, Arizona, home to the Arizona Cardinals.

Zach Galifianakis brings homeless woman to The Hangover Part III premier

Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist gets red carpet treatment


Not that it’s any surprise how great a guy the “Hangover” star is, but Zach Galifianakis, once again, won our hearts when he invited his longtime (and homeless) friend, Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist to accompany him to the premier of “The Hangover Part III”.

Located in Los Angeles, the Fox Laundry volunteer, Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist, has been a close friend of Zach Galifianakis’ for almost 20 years. When Galifianakis learned of Mimi becoming homeless two years ago, he came to her rescue. The bearded actor rented her a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in which he covers all costs.

Actress Renee Zellweger has, too, become a fan of the 87-year-old. Mimi says Zellweger is a “very sweet lady.” The well-known “Jerry Maguire” actress furnished Elizabeth Haist’s apartment and also purchases her groceries. During her time at Fox Laundry, Haist survived only off of tips. Before Zach Galifianakis swooped in as Mimi’s knight in shining armor, Elizabeth Haist was sleeping at different friends’ homes from night to night.

Mimi told the Daily News she is “looking forward to it” and likes the “excitement of it.” Elizabeth Haist has attended previous premieres with Zach Galifianakis.

The 43-year-old actor gave Elizabeth Haist the star treatment. The night of “The Hangover Part III” premier, a friend dolled her up and shortly after, Zach Galifianakis arrived at her apartment in a limo. Afterward, the limo dropped her back off at her one-bedroom, one-bathroom Santa Monica home.

Haist first met Galifianakis when he moved to Los Angeles in hopes of furthering his career. He became a regular at Fox Laundry and soon befriended Mimi. Shortly after his big break starring in the first “Hangover” movie, Galifianakis stopped visiting Fox Laundry.

“Maybe he has his own washer and dryer now,” says Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist.

Zach Galifianakis’ wife has met the octogenarian and, too, formed a friendship with Elizabeth Haist.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z expecting baby #2?

Multiple sources confirm the growing rumor

Superstar and wife of Jay-Z, Beyoncé (Mrs. Carter) is said to be expecting their second child. Rumors have been spreading for some time, but just recently the news went viral.

Several sources have come forward with the developing story that Beyoncé is in fact bringing a second baby into their glamorous lifestyle. The Grammy award winner was spotted on the red carpet during the Met Gala in a custom-made Givenchy gown which many believe was designed to hide her forming baby belly.

According to Russell Simmons, the founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam, he is also aware of the exciting news. On his Twitter account he wrote, “Congratulations Jay-Z and Beyoncé.”

Rumors of her pregnancy erupted into full-blown media attention when Beyoncé suddenly canceled her Mrs. Carter Show performance in Antwerp, Belgium. It was said that under doctors’ orders, Beyoncé needed to rest “as a result of dehydration and exhaustion.”

Beyoncé pitched in a few words of her own regarding the matter of giving her one-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, a baby brother or sister. During an interview with Good Morning America last week, Mrs. Carter said she “would like more children” and made it clear that her daughter “needs some company.”

Neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z’s reps commented on the eagerly awaited confirmation of baby number two.

16 tornadoes rip through Fort Worth/Dallas area

Six confirmed dead, seven still missing

Late Wednesday night, the town of Granbury, Texas experienced a demolishing wave of tornadoes sweeping through the Fort Worth/Dallas area.

Six people were found dead as the search continues for at least another seven still missing. The National weather service confirmed an EF4 tornado, with wind speeds up to 200 mph, destroyed a neighborhood, leaving homes annihilated and several families torn apart.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds reported that the search for victims had become widespread because “two of these people that they found were not even near their homes, so we’re going to have to search the area out there.”

Deeds also says, “This was a nice, quiet neighborhood years ago – it was just old mobile homes.” Some time later Habitat for Humanity purchased land and built several homes. “It was getting better all the time until last night.”

Nearly 97 of the 110 houses and trailer homes in the neighborhood were either badly damaged or destroyed. Trees, power lines, sheet metal and large hunks of wood now swarm the area in what looks like a collage of damaged goods. “You’re amazed at how many people got out of it. It makes you just want to get on your knees and pray,” said Nin Hulett, the mayor pro tem of Granbury. The subdivision is technically outside of the city limits, Hulett said, but “we’re one big family out here.”

Mr. Hulett stated, “We’ll recover. We’ve got people who are coming out of the woodwork from all over the place to help us.”

A local group, Mission Granbury, is collecting donations in order to help with the recovery and rebuilding of the neighborhood and surrounding areas. The town itself, with a population of 8,000, is now calling it a search and recovery.