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16 tornadoes rip through Fort Worth/Dallas area

Corey Demaline

Downtown Granbury, Texas

Six confirmed dead, seven still missing

Late Wednesday night, the town of Granbury, Texas experienced a demolishing wave of tornadoes sweeping through the Fort Worth/Dallas area.

Six people were found dead as the search continues for at least another seven still missing. The National weather service confirmed an EF4 tornado, with wind speeds up to 200 mph, destroyed a neighborhood, leaving homes annihilated and several families torn apart.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds reported that the search for victims had become widespread because “two of these people that they found were not even near their homes, so we’re going to have to search the area out there.”

Deeds also says, “This was a nice, quiet neighborhood years ago – it was just old mobile homes.” Some time later Habitat for Humanity purchased land and built several homes. “It was getting better all the time until last night.”

Nearly 97 of the 110 houses and trailer homes in the neighborhood were either badly damaged or destroyed. Trees, power lines, sheet metal and large hunks of wood now swarm the area in what looks like a collage of damaged goods. “You’re amazed at how many people got out of it. It makes you just want to get on your knees and pray,” said Nin Hulett, the mayor pro tem of Granbury. The subdivision is technically outside of the city limits, Hulett said, but “we’re one big family out here.”

Mr. Hulett stated, “We’ll recover. We’ve got people who are coming out of the woodwork from all over the place to help us.”

A local group, Mission Granbury, is collecting donations in order to help with the recovery and rebuilding of the neighborhood and surrounding areas. The town itself, with a population of 8,000, is now calling it a search and recovery.

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