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Augusta National invites first women members

Jill Treacy

Augusta National welcomes first women members

Darla Moore and Condoleezza Rice are the first women to wear Augusta National’s green jackets


Augusta National Golf Club, known for being host of the Masters Golf Tournament every year and its (former) exclusively male society, has ventured into unknown gender territory by extending invitations to its first two female members—Darla Moore and Condoleezza Rice. After an 80-year history of letting only men wear the green jackets at the club, Augusta National lets the South Carolina financier and former Secretary of State join the prestigious club.

August National’s invitations to Darla Moore and Condoleezza Rice were warmly accepted and chairman Billy Payne described this as a “joyous occasion.” The club’s acceptance of female members has been long anticipated as the sexism issue was heightened back in 2002 with Martha Bark and the women’s advocacy group she takes part in. Bark and the group challenged the club ten years ago and have finally won. Augusta National took its time inviting its first women members, but is seemingly thrilled with the two, successful and deserving, new members. 

Rice said she is “delighted and honored” in a statement released by the club. Moore, not a stranger to paving her way through a male-dominated society, is “extremely grateful for this privilege.” Deemed “the toughest babe in business” by Fortune magazine in 1997, Moore is known for her Wall Street accomplishments, her time as the only woman on the board at the University of South Carolina, success in the banking industry and her various philanthropies, amongst other ventures.

Congratulations Augusta National, now you can commence construction on women’s locker rooms.

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