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Apple Releases New Products

Maria Mellor

The $999 iPhone X marks Apple’s 10th anniversary

Apple has unveiled the next step in their technology as well as the most expensive iPhone to date. The announcement marks a new era in smartphone software as the company look ahead to the next decade of progress. Also set to be released are the next Apple Watch, which will have cellular connectivity, and the Apple TV which will support 4K HDR video.

Here’s a breakdown of the new products and their features.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, like the pairs of regular and large phones that came before them, have almost the same features except for the size. Apple have improved the camera, installed a more powerful memory chip and made the casing more durable. Both have wireless charging and improved augmented reality capabilities. The differences between the two iPhone 8’s lie in their cameras: while both have a 12MP wide angle camera, the iPhone 8 Plus has an additional telephoto camera allowing for better zooming and an improved portrait mode.

The iPhone X holds its appeal in the fact that it’s unlike any of the iPhones that came before it. The Apple strapline that accompanies the announcement is: “Say hello to the future.”

Apple added: “Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen.”
The home button is gone—now users will navigate with gestures. Swipe up to go to the home screen, or swipe down from the top to access the new-and-improved control center. This also means that touch ID is no more. The fingerprint scanner has been replaced by a fancy face-recognition. The front camera is able to recognize your face, meaning that you can unlock it just by simply looking at it.

The phone itself is made from surgical-grade stainless steel and glass, making it water and dust resistant.

For the past few years, the latest iPhone averaged at around $650-$700, with the better model costing you extra. While the iPhone X presents the biggest overhaul to date, it is also the most expensive. A brand new one will cost you $999.

Apple Watch
The new Apple Watch is the first in the line to be able to run independently from the iPhone. It can make calls, send messages and access online apps such as Whatsapp. The new operating system claims to be 70 percent faster than its predecessor. There is also the new addition of Apple Music—you can use the new Apple Watch like you would an iPod. This news comes just months after Apple pulled all their iPods except the iPod Touch from production.

Apple TV 4K
The 5th generation Apple TV will support both 4K Ultra-HD and HDR streaming. This means you can watch selected Netflix, Amazon Video and iTunes videos in incredibly high definition with improved color and picture quality. Customers who have already bought HD films from iTunes will be upgraded to the 4K versions for free. Apple 4K will include Dolby Vision—a technology that has only recently been made available on select televisions so far.

Many Apple users groan at the announcement of a new iOS, but the changes are guaranteed to bring excitement.

To accompany the “Do Not Disturb” night feature, users can now enable a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. This means the phone will automatically silence notifications if it senses that it’s going above a certain speed.

Additionally, there are new camera modes and filters. The “live” feature will now let you loop and bounce the mini-recordings, letting you have the clip playing over and over or back and forth.

The phone’s screenshot capabilities have also been given an update and you can now edit screenshots right after taking them. A tiny version of the image you have captured will appear in the corner of the screen for a few seconds that you can tap on in order to crop or annotate it. What’s more is that there will be a “screen record” feature allowing you to take a video of your screen.

The new iOS will be available for users with an iPhone 5S or newer from September 19.

The three new phones, a new watch and the latest Apple TV are set to go on sale over the next few months. Apple’s stock value took a minor hit after the announcement, falling by 0.4 percent, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how many people will be lining up outside Apple stores when the release days come.

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