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Angelina Jolie to become United Nations Special Representative

Janelle Vreeland

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie expected to be chosen for expanded position

Angelina Jolie is a busy woman, but she’s not letting that keep her from a new, expanded role with the United Nations.

ContactMusic reports that Jolie is expected to be named as the U.N. Special Representative. The new role would allow Jolie to help 2.7 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran.

Jolie has worked for the U.N. as a goodwill ambassador for 10 years and has donated $5 million to U.N. aid operations.

Antonio Guterres, the High Commissioner for Refugees, said Jolie would act as “our special envoy mainly for the most dramatic refugee situations that require a lot of advocacy.”

To date, Jolie has embarked on 40 field missions for the U.N., including trips to Kenya and Pakistan.

Read more about Angelina Jolie’s new role here.

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