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And the Spring Break 2014 SonicBids winners are

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Jasia, Ayahuasca and JoyCut make the cut


Every quarter, we at College News seek out the most talented and dedicated artists to showcase in our print magazine as well as our website. This spring we received hundreds of submissions and unfortunately we could only choose three, but these are the talented three that we have chosen. Ranging from ethereal nu-wave to alt rock, here are the talented bunch we are showcasing! Those interested in being a part of this contest and be inside of our biggest issue (The Back to School Issue) enter HERE.




Jasia is the solo project of classically trained producer Josiah Willows. Having studied classical voice, guitar and violin performing in orchestras in earlier years, he now spends his time between Melbourne and London recording an album of bass driven electronic beats overlaid with orchestral layers of sythesizers, strings, guitars on a bed of vocal samples. Influences on his music range from Sigur Ros to Passion Pit and Clams Casino. Inverbatim features a processed vocal sample and 808 beat paired with restrained guitars, heavy sub bass and interlacing layers of stacked vocal melodies in a 5:22 triparite cycle. The short film accompanying reimagines the 1979 anti-drug video “Drugs Are Like That” and the 1992 bus safety video “Ghost Rider” as a commentary on desire and loss in flux. “Inverbatim is completeness; from rich tidal bass to soaring choral highs, and every pleasant strata between.”-FBI Radio




Luke Roberts who was driven to seek out others executed the inception of Ayahuasca who share both his skill and his unorthodox thirst for musical insanity, and who grew up on 90’s rock. Ayahuasca bears members of The Great Collapse, The Womb, Vilipend, Blue Venus, The Jessica Stewart Few, Idioteque, The Histronics, The Ken McDonald Trio, Irn and Parkside Drive. They have been performing brain smashing live sets from their debut record “Plato’s Dark Horse” as a headlining act and support for touring acts such as Biipiigwan and Naam as well as many local shows and festivals in Ontario. North American tour dates in support of this album will be announced in the spring.




JoyCut produce a mesmerizing and conceptual sound based on dilated and biting mellow sounds. JoyCut is managing a gigantic campaign Ghost Trees Forest, which pays careful attention to our sustainable future. In recognition of this their albums use cellophane tape from 100% biodegradable material and both the CD and booklet are made from recycled products. They recorded “Ghost Trees Where to Dissapear” at The Premises in London where they used “the first European fully solar powered recording studio”. In September 09 they were invited to the Co2penhangen Festival in Denmark [with artists such as Mercury Rev, Tv-2, Lars H.U.G]. In October 09 they flew to Spain to participate at the Monkey Week and in November they also played in Ireland appearing as guests on The Balcony TV Show. In the meantime, they have performed all over Europe, hitting Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Spain, UK and then even Canada for the Canadian music fest. The band has supported several important bands like Editors, Art Brut, The Cinematics, Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse. They also performed on stage at Independent Day 2010. The new album “PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround” came out in September 2013 for IRMA Records.



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