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‘American Horror Story’ Freaks Out Fans for Third Season, Creator Reveals Season Three Hints

Rob Gilmore

'American Horror Story' house is located in Country Club Park in Los Angelos, CA

“American Horror Story,” two seasons now complete, has garnered Fox record ratings, so it didn’t take the network too long to order up a third season.  What’s better?  The show’s creator is dropping hints about what’s in store for Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s hit television program.

Coming off the deaths of two major characters in episode ten: ‘The Name Game’ of “American Horror Story” fans are wondering what the Falchuks have in store for the third season.  In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy discussed many aspects of the current season, entitled ‘Asylum’ but also revealed some hints about the third.

The current season is better known for its far-more removed, kind-of-totally crazy plotlines and cliff hangers that have left audience members engaged, entertained, stupefied and addicted.  Among the most surprising of Murphy’s intentions with season three is his desire to return to a more personal and romantic story, much like the one fans saw between Violet and Tate in season one.

“I want something like that again and we’re doing something like in the third season.  And we’re contemplating shooting the show in a different place… where true horror has been,” Murphy told a reporter of Entertainment Weekly.  There’s no word yet on where Murphy might send his cast and crew.

In addition to season three’s lighter tone, fans will be happy to know that the Emmy Award winning star, Jessica Lange will return.  She played the seventies housewife, wanna-be starlet turned creepy neighbor, Constance Langdon for season one and the troubled nun, Sister Jude for season two. 

There will not, however, be any more extraterrestrial visitors.  Murphy appreciated the plot point for season two but conceded that their presence polarized the audience.  They won’t be returning.

For all the changes coming to season three, one thing will remain the same for this Fox Network fan favorite.  The mini-series show format will remain the same, unfolding in three cities, in different time periods and with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

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