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American Horror Story 4th season theme revealed

Jess Smith

Fan poster of Zoe from American Horror Story: Coven

Co-executive producer spilled the beans on a podcast


First it was a haunted house, then an asylum, then a coven and now a carnival? It looks like hit TV show, “American Horror Story” will explore the horror of a carnival for its fourth season. Rumors of a circus or carnival theme were brewing amongst fan forums, but there is finally some validity to that rumor after AHS writer and co-executive producer, Douglas Petrie appeared on the Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast and may have spilled the beans about the fourth season theme.

While on the podcast, Douglas Petrie was keeping his lips sealed about the subject until another guest on the podcast, Moira Kirkland, said, “Well, I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard carnival.”

A flustered Petrie responded, “Yes…that…was the…it does not have a title.” Ben Blacker, the podcast moderator asked “But, that’s the setting?” Petrie responded with “That’s the idea. That’s very roughly the idea.”

New additions to the cast have not been revealed, but we know that regulars Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson will be starring again. Ryan Murphy previously told the Hollywood Reporter that Jessica Lange has always wanted to play a “Marlene Dietrich” character and this season will explore that.

American Horror Story will be returning to FX for it’s fourth season in October. 

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