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Amanda Bynes Goes To Rehab for Mental Illness

Emily Vasquez

Amanda Bynes appeared happy and healthy in 2007

Amanda Bynes has been admitted into a rehab facility after setting driveway on fire

Amanda Bynes has entered rehab after being released from UCLA’s psychiatric facility. According to police reports, Bynes was involuntarily admitted to UCLA after being arrested for setting fire to a driveway in California. The former Nickelodeon star’s erratic behavior is not her first; her destructive downward spiral began to surface earlier this year when she posted a series of her frighteningly thin body and stating she needed to lose ten pounds. 

Bynes began her rampant behavior earlier this year with a slew of photos on Twitter, in which Bynes appeared thin, worn out and barely dressed. It seemed she had shaved and dyed her hair bleach blonde, a new piercing and had received cosmetic surgery. This was an almost unrecognizable appearance from the “girl next door” image we previously knew.

Bynes was also previously charged with a DUI, a warning sign that she was battling addiction. Today, Bynes is struggling with mental health issues and is claimed to be “paranoid,” and her mother has been granted conservatorship, giving her control of Bynes assets until she fully recovers.  

Reports state that Bynes’ may be forced to stay in the ultra private Malibu rehab facility for more than a year and a half. In her state, it brings to question how Bynes has come from the adorable young confident girl in “The Amanda Bynes Show” or the beautiful and well-adjusted adult in “Easy A.”

There appears to be an epidemic of celebrities entering rehabilitation centers for various addictions and mental health issues. For fans and onlookers, it is difficult to tell if celebrity rebellions are a marketing strategy or a real cry for help.

Bynes checked into rehab three weeks ago, but sources state the facility is not properly equipped to aide mental illnesses. As of late, it is unclear if Bynes will be moved to a new facility that will help in her recovery.

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