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A Mother's Day gift alternative

A Movers for Moms contribution can replace an expensive gift

When the school semester nears its end and finals take over, students are prone to forgetting about Mother’s Day. When it comes to gift-buying, it can be especially difficult for students to go all out for their mothers. But alternatives to the Mother’s Day gift struggle do exist. 

According to JS Online, a program called Movers for Moms generously provides gifts to those moms who have faced domestic abuse. The program accomplishes this with the help of outside contributors, who strive for all mothers to get gifts on Mother’s Day. These mothers in particular live in domestic abuse and homeless shelters spanning across the Greater Detroit area, and they do not have the company to give them gifts on Mother’s Day. Movers for Moms was founded in 2008 by Two Men And A Truck, whose main objective was initially just to make a mark within the state. “We started with a simple notion that all moms should be celebrated on Mother’s Day,” says Melanie Bergeron, chair of the board and daughter of Two Men And A Truck founder Mary Ellen Sheets.  In the long-run, the mission of Movers for Moms has become viral and reached 27 different states.

JS Online reports that 65,000 gifts were accumulated by the program last year after affiliating itself with schools and after gaining the help of children. These children were given the opportunity to take control of the effort and followed through. Through its affiliation with schools, Movers for Moms provided the school’s classes with boxes and coloring supplies.

Movers for Moms hopes to collect over 100,000 gifts by this Mother’s Day.

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