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A battle with addiction – Peggle 2 Review

It was 2007 when I got my first taste. Just a quick fix to get me through the day, “Try this,” a friend said, “it’s not like anything you’ve ever had before.” He was right. Not long after my first inhale, I was higher than I’d ever been in my life. Everything was beautiful. Colors were more vivid, a unique soundtrack played to my every move, and I swear there was a unicorn. Now five years later I’ve kicked the habit and I’m back on the straight and narrow. Things were going great, that is until I was told of a new drug. It’s like the other one, my old friend that was so hard to kick, but this one was better. It’s at that point, at that moment when I heard Peggle 2 would be gracing Xbox One, that I knew I couldn’t fight the urge. My addiction was never really defeated, it just lie dormant. Waiting for today.

It’s not that the sequel offers much more than what we had in the original — in fact, it doesn’t — but the fact that it’s here, it’s going to cause ripples in our little world of gaming. If we didn’t love Popcap Games as we do, we’d surely have people crying foul for what could easily have been new downloadable content, rather than a new title altogether. And if it weren’t for the ridiculous $11.99 price on Xbox One, you’d see exactly that. But at that price, with the content included within, you’re bound for a wonderful, colorful, audible high unlike anything else available on Xbox One.

The simplest way to describe Peggle 2 is to give the vague, oh-so-ridiculous statement that, “it’s Peggle.” You shoot a ball at a bunch of pegs and blocks in an attempt to hit each of them colored orange and progress to the next level. For the newcomer or the Peggle addict though, it’s so much more. Each level is hosted by a unique creature who grants you a special ability should you hit one of two green pegs in the level. With the exception of Bjorn the Unicorn, no other Masters return from the first game, leaving players to embark on a delightful new voyage where you’re forced to learn the ideal time to initiate the “power” to try and finish a level. It’s awkward at first, having new dealers … er, MASTERS to familiarize with, but you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the new cast of characters, particularly with each new level.

For some players, you may only enjoy Peggle 2 during parties or when you’re feeling sad, but it’s clear that Popcap Games has taken every chance it can to get you addicted once again. And they’re great at it. The level design still looks like a simple pattern, but it’s clear that TLC has gone into the creation. This isn’t trailer trash meth we’re dealing with here, this is pure, 100% Columbian. And unfortunately there are no support groups to help kick the habit, because nobody wants to.

Overall score: 8 out of 10

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