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7 Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

Carlo Mantuano

There’s a lot of distracting things on the Internet. However, there is also a wealth of knowledge and resources that are just waiting to be exploited. It can be hard to sort out the useful stuff from the not useful stuff, so we did it for you! Here are seven websites that will drastically improve your life:

Cooking can sometimes seem like tedious and seriously time consuming activity. Eatthismuch serves to simplify meal planning based on the number of meals and calories you would like to eat in a day. They provide tasty and relatively easy recipes to reach your goal. The site also caters to various diets such as vegan, paleo, Atkins and more.

Habitrpg is something really interesting. It basically turns your life into a game with instant rewards and unlockable features. The game is all about implementing positive habits into your life, which result to more progress for your character. The game also holds you responsible and accountable by penalizing you for slipping up. Continue with your bad habits too much and your character’s health will start to dwindle.

Khanacademy is a great website to learn subjects in math, science, economics, test prep and more. It has all different grade levels and is even accessible to teachers and parents. The website is also completely free and a non-for profit. The site tracks your progress in different subjects and rewards you with badges and instant statistics so it’s easier to know how you are doing.

Another resource for dealing with food. Stilltasty is a place where you can see how long your food lasts and what’s the best way to store it. They also provide information on how to extend various food’s shelf life and other discussions on related topics.

Stuff is expensive. Thankfully sites like these exist so that people can take advantage of coupons or find out deals and sales at different stores. They have both online and in store coupons.

A good sleep schedule is essential. This site will calculate what time you should go to bed depending on what time you have to wake up.

A simple website where you can track your USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL/Airborne packages. Why use this site and not the official website of your mail provider? Boxoh only requires the tracking number. Their motto, “Package Tracking Simplified.”

Hopefully, these websites can make your life a little easier!

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