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5 Awesome Apps for College Students

Ruben Corbo

Courtesy of Dan Taylor

As you gaze through cell phone reviews this year, check out some of the top apps for college students. The school year is fast approaching and with it comes more homework assignments, final exams and people to meet. To make sure that you can make the most of your school year, look into using these five apps for smartphones. Specifically designed with college students in mind, they can make your school year a breeze. From boosting your vocabulary to tracking test dates, smartphones now have applications for everything. These useful applications can help you stay on top of homework and get ahead on your classes. For after class hours, there is even a Wi-Fi locator that can help you find internet connections in the surrounding areas.

MBA ToolKit

This smartphone app has received great cell phone reviews by MBA students. For just 99 cents, students can get a head start on their applications for the year. Released by the GMAT Club, this new application has only been in operation since February and can be used by an iPhone. Students can keep track of all of the schools their applying to and link up to the admission committees. Stay on top of the application process by viewing real time links to RSS feeds, Twitter and blogs from the MBA programs. Featuring over 30 national and 10 internationals schools, this application also provides users with complete access to the Bloomberg Businessweek rankings for MBA programs.


Boasting over 12,000 downloads, MyPocketProf is a must-have for any user who has an Android or iPhone. The completely free download helps to enhance the productivity of students by syncing course notes. Users can even make a profit off of the application by creating easy to read course notes. Other students can buy the course notes and test questions from you to prepare for their next exam. If money is not what you are after, the program is set up to allow students the chance to donate their course notes to help others. This online database is a great resource for students to study as they prepare for their next exam. After exam time is done, students can use the ad section of MyPocketProf to post advertisements about rental options, items for sale and upcoming events.

Wi-Fi Finder

One of the most popular smartphone apps on this list is the Wi-Fi Finder. Compatible with any iPhone or Android, the Wi-Fi Finder comes at no cost. Rather than wandering around in search of an internet connection, the Wi-Fi finder can alert you to where local hotspots are located. Over 8.5 million users have downloaded this since its inception and have used the app to arrange study groups and find a quiet spot to complete homework. Once the Wi-Fi location is found, users can then send out the connection spot using Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.


Another free app that is becoming popular with students is myHomework. Available at the myHomework website, this iPhone app helps students to track their assignments and class schedule. Each assignment can be color coded to show the due date. The digital planner tracks future deadlines and notifies the user about assignments before they become due. For the student who is always on the go, this smart phone app can help keep your busy schedule in order.


Three million people using BlackBerrys, Androids and iPhones have downloaded Evernote since its creation. The free smartphone application is available at the Evernote website and can be used to write down notes to remember. Each note can be recorded in text, audio or picture phone. No matter where you are in the world, this program can help you remember important information or new ideas. Each idea is processed by the program and indexed so that you can easily find it at a later date. They can be pinned on a map or searched for by date or location.

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