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5 Tips You Must Remember When Writing/Blogging

Jaicel Asegurado

Tips for blogging

There are many ways you can create and voice out your ideas online especially nowadays that everything seems to be just around the corner. It may sound easy for some but if you are the one who is responsible for producing the content you may experience some difficulty when it comes on writing a publish-worthy post. So I listed down 5 simple tips you must remember to keep you going.


Always look for ideas in all places. Whether you are on the bus on your way home, on the grocery store or you are just watching TV – there’s always ideas everywhere. Everything can be a topic for as long as you’re creative putting it together. Once you’ve got your idea, immediately write it down. It doesn’t matter if you’ll put it on your phone or wrote it down on a piece of paper, what’s important is you immortalize your idea because it might be gone in your thoughts later on. It also serves as your future reference just in case you are running out of topics to write. It comes very handy, y’know. The notepad app on your phone should be your new BFF from now on!


This should be your main goal when you are thinking of writing something. You are there to inform others and to share what you know. Don’t state something as a ‘fact’ if you, yourself, is not sure if it is one. Also, most often than not we tend to disregard mentioning sources and links from where we got certain information – do yourself a favor and include them on your article. Insert links, articles sources and quote where you got a certain part of your work. Informing is caring!


Your readers love to know what you think and feel, don’t restrict yourself from sharing what you’ve experienced and your point of view. This will build your connection to your readers. It will also help them decide especially if you are doing a review for a certain book, movie or product. Including your thoughts and being personal every once in a while if you have a blog is a good thing because it gives them the feeling of being a part of your life and that’s what makes them keep on reading your future works and posts.


I personally have a tough time proof reading my works and so I am very thankful with editors because they are there to edit things out and make my articles always on point. On the other hand, if I am writing for my personal blog, I have no editor to rely on and so I have no choice but to do the work. It may sound exaggerated but you can read your work for hundreds of times and still there will always be mistakes each and every time. The key is – don’t stop unless you are satisfied.


You have heard this many times and you will heard this again — practice makes perfect. This is everything. If you think writing is something you are passionate about then there’s no reason why you should not do it. Explore ways on how you will write effectively. Evaluate yourself and apply new techniques every time you write something. Persistence is the key and always be innovative with your works.

Now that you have these helpful tips you can start writing the piece you have in your mind right now. It’s very important to keep on pursuing what you really love doing. If you really want to build a career out of it then better start now. Let us know below your own writing rituals and habits! Leave us a comment!

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