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21 Jump Street's Tatum and Hill boozing at pre-screening

Billy Gardner

Johnny Depp in the original television show "21 Jump Street"

“They’re too old for this shift”

The pre-screening of “21 Jump Street” premiered last night in Sydney, Austrailia. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill stood in full police uniform sipping Haghn, a popular Aussie Lager, as they answered questions for reporters.

Set to release in the United States March 16th, “21 Jump Street”is based off the popular television show that launched Johnney Depp’s career in Hollywood. Hill and Tatum take on the leading roles in a spoof film about the late 1980’s show.

The two actors star in the action-comedy about two underachieving police officers who are sent into a local high school in order to infiltrate a dangerous drug ring. They find that high school is nothing like they left it and the two are forced to confront the anxiety of being a teenager all over again.

The recent Oscar Nominee Jonah Hill plays the character Schmidt, a braniac who scores high on tests but can’t seem to cut it in physical standards. The officer record on Schmidt according to the official movie website labels the character with, “continued inability to complete an arrest and constant complaining about the smallest amount of pain makes officer prime candidate to pass as an undercover whiny teenager.”

Channing Tatum takes on the role of Jenko, a compliment to Hill’s nerdy role. Jenko is labeled as one of the most aggressive police academy graduates in recent history but is, “ineffective at remembering any official terminology, procedures, or protocols. The only code he can remember is 374B: illegal dumping. Perfect candidate for rebooted high school undercover program from the 1980s.”

Watch the two opposing roles in the official trailer below:

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